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Hello Lovelies!

Yes, it's Thursday! Which only leaves the exciting Friday tomorrow then the weekend. At first I was working Thursdays then they gave me the that day off ( hence the blogging on Mondays x Thursdays ) but they decided to bless me with working Thursdays. I was not happy! Cause that meant I had to try and figure out what time I could blog and really set a blogging schedule for myself around work. Now know that I am writing this post at 8am because I really love you guys! After this Thursday I will no longer be working Thursdays. It's a complicated process that still needs some time to actually talk over but I am not complaining! Today is the LAST DAY OF APRIL before we charge head first into MAY! This year is really going by a little too fast for me. I know the life of a fashion blogger is very fast paced but remember we are human and we need some R&R time for ourselves as well!

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Hello Lovelies!

Happy gloomy Monday! I thought that I was happy that it was Spring but like I stated in my last post the last few days has been very cold! Even though the sun has been shining , which isn't good in my books but at the same time I am happy that I get to do some subtle layering! This week is the LAST week of April! Which is completely insane! This year is really going by fast! Maybe a little too fast!

This coming Wednesday, I will be sitting in a salon chair getting my NEW hair color and new look for you guys! Since the burgundy ( which now is a copper red ) faded and my roots are showing I think its time I made another adventure! Before you Lovelies ask....there will be before and after photos! I really can't wait to see how amazing my hairstylist will make me look!

Black X Black

Hello Lovelies!

It's officially Thursday! I feel like this year is going by really quickly! Weren't we just in January with snow covered every inch of the ground and the winds made you grab the biggest coat and the closest beanie! Now while it still gets a little cold and windy here and there the sun is shining and there no need for thick clothes or layers. Although for me I still have to grab a coat and throw it on here and there. I love layering! Layers can make the outfit if you layer them the correct way.

Last week the weather was amazing and we had "Global Citizen Earth Day 2015" here in the DC area and it was an amazing experience. SO many amazing artists came out and performed on stage including my all time favorite group performed as well and I know it had to be such a big experience for them performing with other well known artists. Le boyfriend enjoyed their performance and he sad he wants to see them in concert so I'm going to hold him to that.

Burgundy Lovin X

Happy Monday Lovelies!
As the weather takes a turn for the better, it makes it alot easier to go outside and take photos. I have mentioned in some of my older posts that Spring and Fall are by far my favorite seasons! Why? Because the weather is amazing! Not to hot or humid like in the Summer and n…

Geek X Le Chic

Hey Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! I know I know you were probably wondering what happened to Mondays blog post. Le boyfriend and I had a lot of errands to run on Sunday ( which is normally the day I take Mondays blog post photos ) and we just didn't have enough time to snap photos. Although it would make for a perfect blog post! "Errand Wear " so make sure you Lovelies stay tuned for that!

I seriously need to try blogging on the go so that I way I can keep up with my blog better! ( Quickly Downloads WordPress App ) As I stated in my last blog post I am in need and on the hunt for the perfect hair color! To quote another blogger " Life is to short to have boring hair " - BlakeVonD. So with that being said I thought it would be cool to ask my readers for their input on what color I should get! Feel free to leave me comments down below or send me an email! I will get help from my stylist as well with my color selection so its the right color for me and my skin! Everyone always goes shorter and lighter in the Summer time but I'm not sure I can see myself with brighter hair! Like I said we shall see!

My Favourite Trousers

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Easter Date

Happy Monday my dear Lovelies!

As you all know this past Sunday we celebrated Easter! What did you Lovelies do on your wonderful Easter? The weather was so amazing here it would have been a waste to NOT take advantage of the gorgeous weather that we were having. So, with that being said the boyfriend and I decided why not explore DC and all its history and that's exactly what we did. Sneaking in a few photos here and there as well.

With Easter comes pastels, the color white and of course dresses! I wasn't any different when styling myself for this amazing day. I chose to style one of my boyfriends shirts and of course I wasn't disappointed with the outcome. Although I am telling myself to try and refrain from wearing his clothing ( In the process of Spring Cleaning mine ) because sometimes I look pudgy or bigger than I really am. I will dress more like a woman but I don't really like wearing skin tight clothing except maybe my jeans!

A Grey Kinda Day

Nothing beats a simple minimal outfit! The perfect Thanksgiving look when you have to impress the family that always asks you when you are getting married or having kids. 

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