Wednesday Lust List V

Woohoo it's Wednesday so you know what that means! Another Lust List post! This time it is a " Shoe Addition ".
You Lovelies know about my " Shoes Obsession " and I think it's getting a little better as each month goes by. I do however see myself yearning for these shoes.…

Repeat Offender

I love a good tee. When you love something you have to wear it again and again.
You know when you find something amazing that keeps you coming back for more? Good food at a restaurant, a good song with a dope beat, and of course ice-cream that makes you go mmmmm...
All of that describes this striped …

Weekly Thoughts VI

News: Ah I have so much fun writing these weekly posts now. Well this past week we had " The Pope " visit the Washington DC area and it was hectic! Streets were closed down, protesters, terrible traffic etc. I decided on the days he was in the city that I would avoid the area all together…

Gifts For Him!

I know majority of my readers have that special someone in their lives. Whether it's a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
I thought to myself why haven't I ever done a " Gifts For Him " post!? I must be seriously crazy right! Well being Boyfriend or Husband, I have made a list of items tha…

8 Must Haves For Fall!

As we say goodbye to Summer ( finally ) we say hello to my all time favorite season Fall! I have created a list of Fall must haves! They are of course staple pieces that you can wear every year or whenever you feel like it! So, in the end you Lovelies are saving money and who doesn't like savin…

Wednesday Lust List IIII

Ahhhh It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, I don't mean Christmas which is normally what everyone thinks when that song comes on! I could mean Thanksgiving! I love food and I love eating delicious food!
What I am mainly talking about is of course my all time favourite season FALL!…


Back to school is the hardest thing to do after an amazing Summer.

Weekly Thoughts V

News: With everyone is coming off of their NYFW high. You can see a lot of ' Fashion Week ' photo of the Best and the Worst of street style. Majority of the time there are never any bad street styles. There were so many Bloggers walking around and so many Photographers with their amazing cameras and not to mention their amazing photo taking skills.

September: I Fell In Love With...

A new month means more things to Fall In Love With!

Wednesday Lust List III

It's Wednesday so you know what that means! Another " Lust List ". This time I am bringing you amazing pieces from LuLu's! I know what some of you Lovelies might be thinking. Lulu's is kinda pricey and yes I do agree but sometimes amazing sales are your best bet! Just like mine!

Stay Beautiful! <3


Who said button ups were only for the office?

Weekly Thoughts IIII

News: As bloggers and fashion lovers are adding the finishing touches to their Fashion Week looks. I on the other hand am writing post out before Fashion Week even started! So, a recap of my New York adventures will be up next week! Don't panic Lovelies! Even though I will not be attending the high end Fashion Shows there are some shows that regular people like myself can get into. Extremely last minute!

Amazing photos like this one can be found here!

Wednesday Lust List II

I decided to Lust over things from websites that I know are affordable to my fellow Lovelies and I know that you will love! This look I created from Boohoo! They offer a variety of items for Women & Men! So, make sure that you Lovelies go check them out!

Stay Beautiful! <3

Hello Moto

There's something about basics that I cannot ever get over.

Weekly Thoughts III

News: I really have to get better at writing these weekly thoughts out so that they can be up for you Lovelies on Sundays! Making and setting a reminder for myself that I need to write things out. Fashion Week in NYC is starting next week and I really want to go! Who wants to buy my ticket?

Wednesday Lust List

As a fellow blogger I am lusting over these amazing finds from ASOS! I will one day see each one of these amazing items in my wardrobe like yesterday. Each piece is unique in its own way kinda like me!

Stay Beautiful! <3

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