Woah, were already on Let's Get Coffee #4! This is so exciting! I am also super grateful that you all seem to love these posts as much as I do! I didn't get to shoot during the week because I was extremely busy which sucks but what can I do.

I wanted to go to Moby Dick in Georgetown because I was having some major cravings plus Georgetown have all these cool allies you can shoot in. Of course no trip to Georgetown would be complete without a trip to a coffee spot.

Bluestone Lane Coffee opened a new location in Georgetown and I wanted to go because of the photos Lilia posted on her Instagram. I am a sucker for amazing latte art but I always end up ordering my usual at any new coffee spot that I venture too. So, you could imagine my facial expression when they told me that they didn't have flavored Lattes and of course they charge to swap to Soy Milk as well. Why?!

So, basically I paid for a regular boring bitter Latte that I had to over sweeten for it to be somewhat drinkable ( I definitely spruced it up in Starbucks ). I twas pretty to shoot though. I am not going to lie but I don't think Bluestone Lane Coffee is for me.

Oh, also this location is EXTREMELY small and when I went the line was basically out of the door because everyone couldn't wait inside. That is also a no for me! Although Georgetown is amazing during the Spring....I just cannot see myself visiting there again!


This is one question that I have been getting from everyone on Instagram and whilst I wasn't really able to give an honest answer. I believe that I can honestly answer it now. I get inspired by everything and anything. I find alot of my style inspiration from Instagram and from reading other blogs. There have been some accounts that I tend to gravitate to more than others so I thought I would share them with you all.


Some accounts that I turn to for inspiration might surprise you and you guys might be following them on Instagram yourselves!


1. Vanessa Evelyn

I personally love Vanessa's style because it is slightly similar to my own. I look to her feed for inspiration and to gather some creative ideas on how to shoot. Plus she is gorgeous! She is also a blogger so if you wanted to check out her blog then you can click here.



2. Alyssa Lenore

I have been following Alyssa for a really long time and I have always loved her account. She rocks neutrals like no other and her minimal coffee flatlays always inspire. Alyssa is also a blogger and you wanted to read her blog Styled&Smitten then click here.




3. Helena

Helena's style is identical to mine BUT she styles things in a way I never thought of styling them. This is why I am always looking to her for inspiration. Helena's style is minimal like mine but she adds her own personal touch which I love. You can read about her and her blog here.



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4. Emma Hill

Emma from EJstyle is one blogger that I love and have been following for awhile. We have similar styles and she in sincerely one of the funniest and sweetest blogger that I had the chance of chatting with. I love love love her blog and her youtube videos. You can read her blog here.





5. Jovel Roystan

I just recently started following Jovel but I already love his style and his creativity! I started incorporating his styling tips ( even though he is a man ) into my everyday looks and I haven't turned back! You can check out his blog here. Oozing with style just like him lol.




Well there you guys have it! These are 5 accounts that have been literally inspiring me and my personal style. They make me push my boundaries and open my creative flow even more than I already do. Make sure you check out their Instagrams and their blogs and give them a follow!


It's no surprise that I write a lot. I am literally always advertising that I am sitting in a coffee shop writing whilst sipping on an iced caramel latte. That is literally how my stationary obsession started. I love writing. If I had the patience to write a novel I would. I mainly stick to short stories ( I have like 15 journals filled with short stories )  but then I always branch out when it comes to my blog and try to write things that are on topic and then I have fun when it comes to my Instagram captions.

I however cannot write without music. I cannot even begin to tell you guys how many times my headphones have DIED on me and I had to charge them whilst crying on the inside. The words just come out faster with a song playing in my ears. I do have a few playlists dedicated for writing or just to get my creative juices flowing ( meaning coming up with blog post ideas and shoots ).

Singing and dancing when I take breaks ( obviously not in public lol ) but nonetheless music is always playing. Well that is technically a lie. When I do decided to play video games... I pause my music cause I like to win and it is distracting.

I started my playlist on Spotify but man I am impatient and I hate adverts so I sucked it up and got Apple Music. I am happy that I did because I am ALWAYS on the search for new songs and if I love it...I get it right then and there rather than having to screen shot it then hope to find it again later.

I will be sharing the playlist of the month. Last months was rather on the long side so...I decided that I need to cut them to about 10-12 songs but the playlist that I will be sharing with you guys actually contains about 20 songs.




Oh, ep #3 already! I am on a coffee kick! Although the lack of sleep on the days that I do drink coffee are becoming way to consistent so I guess that's why I decided that I can only drink coffee twice a week. I am already full of so much energy and falling asleep around 3-4am and waking up around 8am isn't the best thing in the world.

This time I will be talking/sharing Gregory's Coffee! I visited the location on Vermont Ave. It's quite small but I was greeted with smiles which is the first thing i tend to look for when visiting a new coffee spot. I actually have been here before with Lilia but we didn't stay long. I ordered my usual ( Iced Caramel Latte with Soy Milk ) in a size small and I was already slightly annoyed because one the small is about 12oz which is fine but the base price is $4 then if you want to substitute the dairy option for non-dairy there is a $.90 cent charge. So, basically I spent almost $6 on a small iced coffee that was okay at best. I guess I will always be biased when it comes to my Iced Coffee's because Compass Coffee makes the best ones!

It is aesthetically pleasing for a small location which I love and I tucked myself away in the corner away from everyone to get my writing done. Which is another plus but there is only about 6 tables total but there is a sitting area that looks like a ledge but its actually a seat.

I am not sure if this is a spot I would visit again unless I am in the area but Joe & the Juice is located right around the corner ( I just gave away where the next place will be ) and I love their interior.

I wanted to get back into writing. The fact that I got to write was one of the main reasons why I started blogging in the first place. Besides my love for Fashion being the number one reason but we all know that. Even though lately I have been posting regularly on the blog. I have mentioned that there was a point where I wanted to quit blogging all together.

Instead I thought why not go back to when I first started blogging in the the first place. Yes, my sense of style has change dramatically since I first started back in 2016 but my love for writing hasn't. I guess the reason being was that I didn't want to over write to the point where you guys got tired of reading and would leave my blog. Then I thought...this was MY blog and if I wanted to write a post that was 800 words...I have to make it interesting enough for you guys to want to continue reading.

With that being said..I wanted to get back into writing. So, I am working on a few new blog posts for you guys. You all seem to love the "Beauty Tuesdays" and are LOVING the " Lets Get Coffee " series that I started! Which I am beyond happy about! I thought that I would answer all of the questions that I have been getting on Instagram. It actually made for a few blog posts as well.

What kind of music did I listen to whilst writing?

Why do I always carry around a planner and a journal with me everywhere?

What kind of stationary brand do I use?

Who are my biggest fashion inspirations at the moment.

How do I keep my creative flow going.

What camera do I shoot with.

How do I edit my photos.

How do I stay inspired.

What editing apps do I use.


That is about 10 blog post ideas right there alone! Although I will probably combine what camera I shoot with and how I edit my photos because it kinda goes hand in hand. I am excited to answer all of these questions for you guys!






I recently visited NYC for an awesome event hosted by Ideal Of Sweden and of course no trip would be complete without visiting a coffee spot. This time I had the pleasure of visiting a coffee spot called Outro Coffee. I have never been before so it was exciting. Ingrid, Joann and I visited after our Ideal Of Sweden event at the Kimberly Hotel which by the way was beautiful! The view and the food was oh my goodness!


The weather was great ( except for the occasional rain ) so I opted  for my usual. Which if you guys do not know it by now then shame on you. It doesn't matter which coffee spot I am at but an Iced Caramel Soy Latte girl. It will always be my go to coffee beverage I cannot help it! If you guys have never tried it then you NEED too! So bloody good!


Outro's iced latte was a bit on the bitter side but nothing some sugar couldn't fix. I definitely recommend this place if you are ever in the city and needing of a aesthetically pleasing pick me up!













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