Oh hello Monday, nice to see you again. Well sorta. 

I recently came to Georgetown but after lunch I surprisingly didn't venture to any new coffee spots in the area...instead I went to Compass...then I decided to go home. I just wasn't in the mood for coffee that day or being around people. I mean everyone has an off day right? You know the ones where you want to be alone with your thoughts, eating ice-cream and watching romantic comedies on Netflix to feel slightly better. Yeah, those days. Okay, I think that I am getting a little off track. 

So, right now I am sitting down in the Amazon Books store ( which is located in Georgetown ) writing this and for some odd reason I am loving the silence. Well minimal talking. I have time to think and actually plan out content for you guys. Not that I don't love going to bustling nosy coffee shops and being around people. Sometimes it's good if not GREAT to be able to think without using my music to tune anyone out. 

Downstairs of the Amazon Book Store ( they sell more than books so should I call it a store? ) there is a corner coffee spot that is run by Allegro. I have actually posted a photo of their coffee on my instagram page before and I was so surprised when they LOVED it! 

This time around... I have been sorta kinda slightly weening myself off of coffee for a bit. It is possibly the hardest thing I have ever done. Well, look at me being all dramatic and what not. So, instead of ordering my usual ( or in this case a regular Iced Latte ) I ordered an Iced Black Tea. They didn't have lemon to make is slightly lemony ( is that a legit word? ) and I definitely had to sweeten it drastically because it was so bitter. I should have turned it into Milk Tea but my head wasn't really functioning that day. 

I will definitely go again and order something different. I am trying to branch out from my go to drink...which fails majority of the time because I never know what to get. 

She is back....back again! Jia's back! Tell a friend! Give me all the iced coffee in the world!

Man! Let me first say I am completely and utterly sorry for the lack of coffee shops reviews. I have been stuck in a rut and just been working on catching up on all of my deadlines. Work work work. Which mainly meant that I was only going to Compass Coffee for all of my coffee fixings.

However, I told myself that I was going to stop venturing to new places on hold and just go go go! With that being said....I wanted to introduce a new coffee shop to you guys! I have actually been to this "The Wydown Coffee Bar" location before but I actually wasn't doing this series on the blog at the time so naturally I didn't write a review.

I am actually sitting in The Wydown Coffee Bar right now ( if you guys didn't guess yet...this post is about this particular coffee shop ). I love the ambiance. The location on 14th St is actually quite small but I guess that is what makes it as cute as it is. Even though this location is small...it is definitely still bigger than Bluestone in Georgetown.

So, I was told last week that Soy Milk is actually really bad for you! I didn't know that and I have been indulging in nothing but Soy milk every single time I order my Iced Lattes. No bueno. I wish someone would have told me this before I drank my life away in Soy Milk. Nonetheless...I am thankful that someone brought it to my attention. So, after doing my research on what 'milk alternative' I should get since regular milk is definitely out of the question ( me being lactose and all ) and since Soy is also NOW out of the question.

I came across an Instagram story talking about 'Oat Milk' now me being skeptical I googled. I am the worst when it comes to googling things. I could have a really bad cold and google would tell me that I am dying. Sick! Thank you google.

Turns out that 'Oat Milk' was a better alternative than Soy Milk and I knew that I should try a substitution today. Well, Oat Milk is actually thicker but I don't think that it is exactly good for me either. So, with that being said. I think that I am going to be trying Almond Milk from now on. 

I think that overall...'The Wydown Coffee Bar' is a spot that I will visit again but I don't think anytime soon. Not that it's bad or anything but it's further than some of the usual spots that I got to.

Since I will be working in Georgetown...I will definitely be posting even more coffee locations! Whoop whoop! 

When I first started blogging...I always wanted to keep up with the trends. Even if that meant I personally didn't like it. The end result? Having a shit ton of unworn clothing in y wardrobe that just took up space and looked like I was hoarding clothes, shoes and bags. I was over it. I kept buying the same thing over and over because I forgot that I owned it in the first place and after my clothing rack in the wardrobe dipping about to break...I knew it was time to make a drastic change. 

I needed to STOP buying so much shit that I knew I wasn't going to wear and create a wardrobe that I knew I could wear all the time ( all year around ). With that being said...I am very careful on what I purchase when I am shopping. I always ask myself a series of questions before I purchase anything. Main question being 'how many times will I wear it?' I would literally walk around the store with that item in my hand and picture how many times/ways I can style it. Sometimes it works and sometimes I am stuck and I just end up putting it right back on the rack. 

Since Fall is right around the corner...I wanted to share 5 items that I have had my eye on since FOREVER. I have honestly added these items in my cart about a dozen times then just close the tab because I was hoping and praying that every time I opened back up that tab...everything would magically be on sale. Since that clearly WON'T be happening since they are amazing pieces. I decided to share them with you anyways! 

Honestly because I have SOOO many wishlists...I probably won't be sharing only 5 and I might just share a tad bit more with you. I am pretty sure that you guys would love that. I mean who doesn't love affordable shopping? 

First item I wanted to talk about was a staple Brown Handbag. This one is from H&M but there are definitely other stores you can pick from but I really loved the structure of this bag. I wanted to find one that minimal enough to go with my wardrobe and of course fit my laptop in. I find myself carrying bigger bags because I always have my laptop with me now. 

This particular Handbag also comes in black but I really wanted the brown one since I have sooooo many black handbags already. I think that you should have a handbag in all sizes. Small, Medium and Large just incase you wanted to switch things up. 

So, I made the error of getting rid of this Silk Plum Midi Skirt that I loved but thought that I should get rid of since I didn't wear it as often. Now I regret getting rid of that skirt and I kinda wish I still had it. Whilst there is no use crying over spilt milk ( I think that's how the phrase goes...) I decided to just find a similar or even BETTER Midi Skirt that I know I would/could style often! 

I found this gorgeous Pleated Midi Skirt and of course you guys know I immediately fell in love with how rich the colour looked ( online of course..need to try it on in store ) and I knew that it was the one. I did pay about $10 for my other Midi Skirt and I cannot see myself dishing out $50 for it JUST yet but I do have a slight shopping spree coming up and I just might snag it at full price! 

I couldn't find the exact one from H&M yet but I definitely added some similar ones for you guys to check out. 

No Fall wardrobe would be complete without a Checkered Double Breasted Coat! I swear this would be another one of those items that I got rid of because I wasn't wearing as often but then seriously missed it the moment it left. Just like the Midi Skirt incident...I was definitely on the hunt for a replacement coat. One that I could literally live in and I wouldn't care about being judged! Of course you guys know that I found my dream Fall coat! 

This coat is $100 but I personally feel like it is worth it because it's a staple piece that you can wear every year. Which is what staple pieces are for. 

Light coats are my thing for Fall. They are perfect for layering for days where it's a little on the warmer side but still has a bit of a breeze. There are days where even I am a little sick of a go to outfit ( blazer, tee and jeans ) and I am in need of a quick switch up. Light dusters/jackets are perfect for that. Sticking to my current colour palette which are basically, white, blue, black, brown, and burgundy ( I love the way it looks on my skin ). 

Denim is definitely my most comfortable bottoms to wear aside from Midi Skirts of course. I am not going to lie..I am a little over skinny jeans. They are okay and amazing for certain outfits but I grow tired of doing a dance to get into them everytime I want to wear them. I found these beautiful straight legged denim and I couldn't put them in my basket fast enough. Obviously jeans are something that I have to try on in store before purchasing because I hate having to return them to the store if they don't work out at home then having to get a refund....ugh the hassle. I would much rather try them on in store and make the decision then and there. 

Ah the notorious Faux Fur. Making a big come back this year....of course I mean in my wardrobe. I do have a Teddy Aviator Jacket that I bought from Forever 21 last season with an additional percentage off. Which I love...but it wasn't as soft as I wanted it to be ( I still own it and it will be making a comeback this Fall ). The last time I visited H&M I came across this gorgeous Faux Fur jacket and even though I didn't have time to try it on in store....I definitely felt how soft it was and I knew I NEEDED it in my wardrobe! 

Yes! I want people to WANT to pet me lol! 

I have always been on the hunt for the PERFECT turtle neck sweater that is soft and comfortable. The ones that I had were always so bloody itchy that I had to wear a tee underneath just so the sweater wasn't touching my actual skin. It wasn't comfortable and I just ended up sweating under the sweater from wearing to many bloody layers. 

No turtleneck would be complete without it's matching set! I came across the matching Ribbed Knit Skirt and of course you know I just had to add it to my list! It's a perfect blush colour ( although wishing it came in camel tbh ) and this is an item you can style with the sweater and of course without the sweater! So, yes this baby has been added to my list and I will be getting it in 2 weeks! 

I have a Camel Teddy coat that I love to death but I have always wanted one in black and I found it! H&M I swear they know how to draw people in with amazing shit! I am telling you! If that Faux Fur coat doesn't happen then I will make it my TOP priority to snag this gorgeous jacket! 

This jacket is $30 cheaper than the Faux Fur one and I can already see myself wearing this with a hoodie and some jeans! 

The last item ( I definitely shared more than 5 but I am not mad ) would be white booties. I bought a pair a few years ago from Zara and as much as I love them...I don't wear them often because they hurt my feet. It is as bad as they cut me once and I vowed I was going to look for a different pair and get rid of the ones that I have now. 

Well there you guys have it! I will be writing another blog post updating with which items I ended up going with and which ones didn't make the cut and why! Thank you for making it this far! 

Happy shopping loves! 

I think that I can personally say that we have all been there at some point ( I know I have ). It's like the love that I had for creating content was slowly disappearing. It turned into a job and I became a mindless zombie..creating content because I had to not because I wanted to. My blog/social media became a sea of sponsored/collaboration posts and I forgot why I started creating content in the first place. I started questioning why? Why am I doing still doing this if I wasn't happy? Am I right?

It became all about numbers and followers and insights and I was just driving myself crazy. So, I did what any person who actually loved creative content but lost their way would do. I turned off my business account on Instagram and I started posting content that I wanted to show. I didn't care if that meant losing followers who were used to seeing my instagram/blog a certain way. I wanted to find my passion again and that was one day to do so. 

I took a step back from social media and focused solely on my blog, from revamping to posting posts that made me happy to sit down and write about again. Let me be completely honest. I feel like that was what I missed. To be able to sit down and write out 4-5 blog posts in a day because I WANTED to not because I HAD to. You know? I wanted to share my life, my thoughts and my feelings with my readers again and find the reason I started this path in the first place. Well my life to an extent...I don't really share that much of my personal life because I do believe that some things shouldn't be shared with the world. Like who are you dating, etc. I think that people get so caught up in your love life ( if you post about it ) that when you break up...it will be a shit storm to deal with and I love love...I mean I love seeing people happy and smiling and genuinely in love. Cue any sappy love story/movie you can find and give me a box of tissues. Anyways getting way off topic.

I think I am in a place where I love creating content. There are days I do find myself stuck but instead of stressing about it like I used to...I just step back, destress and rethink everything. If I need to take a break...then I will take a break. If I want to play video games, drink a smoothie, go get coffee, change my surroundings then I will do it. 

There was also a point where I wasn't shooting...so I didn't really have any content to post in the first place. It honestly was like a breath of fresh air. I didn't have to worry about pleasing anyone. I was still like creating flatlays to post because I do like creating them ( not lately though ). Now, that I have gotten back into somewhat shooting outfit, coffee and beauty ( lifestyle ) content...I feel a little at peace. It was like a needed that break to really get my head back together. 

Let me be perfectly clear...creating content has been something I loved since I can remember. Whether it was tearing up old clothing to make new clothing for my dolls, drawing ( yes, I used to draw and paint ), Fashion Design ( I realised I liked putting on a fashion show than being in one ) and finally landing on my love for Marketing. I was always involved in the creative field somehow. Not that I am complaining at all. I just always saw myself doing something in the creative field as I got older and now that I am ( I never pictured myself being a blogger to be honest ) but I am not a full time blogger ( for now maybe I am who knows ) I still work on the side as a freelancer. I do Fashion shows, Film and Commercials. Even still...I am still in the creative field doing what I love and loving what I do. 

I don't think I will ever stop creating content as long as social media exists. I am happy being able to create content that you guys love. 


Tee - Sugar High 

Blazer - H&M

Jeans - H&M

Sneakers - Go Jane

Bucket Bag - Ross

Watch - Nordgreen

How did I come up with 'Lelondonchic'. I think I get asked this question so many times. This is something that I really wanted to share with you guys but I just never actually sat down to do so. Plus, I think that I had to gather all of my thoughts on this topic first before starting. Some of you have asked me 'how I started blogging?' or 'how did I come up with my blog/instagram name?' and I did answer one out of 2 questions so...I guess I will answer the other one now. 

It's a pretty long story to be honest. Well it might seem long to me but now that I am writing it out...it might be shorter who knows at this point. 

Back in 2013-2014...my friend Jane ( using a fake name ) and I ( I don't remember how we met ) but we both loved Fashion and after months of talking, getting to know eachother etc... We decided to try blogging together. Since I was in Washington DC and she was back in London. We thought that sharing styles from each country would be an amazing idea. 

So, we did what any other person would do. We started brainstorming some ideas about what our blog name should be. We must have tossed around at least 10-15 blog name ideas. I remember because this was around the time I was working an office job, bored out of my mind ( I normally finished my work in 15 minutes ) so I just sat there all day putting a bunch of names together. I figured since we were both British...I wanted to definitely work 'London' into the mix. After writing out 'London' maybe 30 times over and over...'Lelondonchic' came to be. I loved the way it just rolled off of my tongue and hello it just sounded so chic! 

I sent Jane ( again fake name ) the names that I came up with and we both LOVED 'Lelondonchic'. So, of course you guys know I set the wheels in motion. This is the part where I should have done my research before just jumping into just using any bloody website BUT non the less...I did. I created OUR website and I was so excited to start blogging on it. I thought Jane shared in my excitement but I guess she didn't because after I did all the work. She ended up backing out last minute and there I was stuck with a website. I wanted to die. I did all of that work of creating the name and the website and she no longer wanted to blog together. 

So, there I was with a brand new website that contained no content and I ALMOST just shut everything down. I mean safe to say I am happy that I didn't because I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today if I did but what upset me the most was her bailing on me. I mean who wouldn't be?

Well if you think that isn't bad then fast forward a couple years after ( maybe like 2 years later so 2016 ) and Jane reaches out to me VIA instagram saying that she was shocked by how well I am doing with Lelondonchic and if she could start blogging with me again. I knew that it was a bad idea but being the nice person that I am...I still said yes mainly because it was out idea to blog together in the first place. This was when I was still blogging on blogger. So, I told her that I was going to set everything up for her so it was easy blah blah blah and just like the first time Jane BAILED on me again. I was shocked but I wasn't mad because I worked hard to get Lelondonchic to where it is now and I guess deep down I didn't want someone coming in randomly and taking credit for the work that I did. 

Then came 2017 and of course Lelondonchic has reached over 10k followers on social media and my blog readership is just amazing ( thank you so much you guys are just phenomenal ) and here comes Jane sliding into my DM's again on instagram. Saying that she is serious about blogging and she wanted to blog with me for real this time. Hmmm. You see where I am going with this. So, I asked her if she was 100% sure this time because I was kinda tired of her saying she was serious then bailing on me again last minute. She said of course she was serious. So, I thought about it. I wasn't really going to say yes right off the bat because of what's been happening but I was still going to consider it. She then tells me that she is pregnant and cannot blog anymore but maybe after the baby ( were on this year 2018 now ) and I was like sure but maybe deep down I wasn't holding my breath anymore. 

I am thankful that I didn't give up and that I continued working on Lelondonchic and building it to what it is now. I have met and worked with such amazing people and some of my really good friends I met through Instagram. I have gotten to attend amazing events, enter the field of commercial and film all from blogging. It has given me the confidence to put myself out there and I am also not afraid of rejection ( from working with brands ). I personally think that blogging has made me a little tougher ( is that an actual word? ) as well and it opened my eyes to who really supports you and who uses you. 

Lelondonchic will continue to thrive because I have amazing readers like you guys. Thank you for always supporting me! I have another great blog post for you guys coming soon! 


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I haven't done a "Beauty Tuesdays" post in what seems like FOREVER and I know some of you guys ( well a lot of you guys ) miss them. I have gotten quite a few DM's asking for some skin updates after using certain products. Like Bliss, Biore, Chi haircare, Osmosis etc. Well, I am writing this post to let you guys know that I am getting on that! A new month means new promises that I WON'T be broken this time! That's a promise. See what I did there!? 

Right now...the current Facial products in rotation are definitely Saturday Skin ( which I have reviewed before and you can read here ), Bliss ( I wrote about here but will be doing an updated review ) and I recently added Biore into the mix. I have actually used Biore before and it's one brand that I have been using since I was a teenager. If you are looking for a brand that doesn't break the bank then Biore is for you!

Bliss is one brand that I have been using for months now and they keep blessing me with new products when they come out to try and I am not complaining at all. Hence why I have another review coming next week! 

As you guys know...I have to be EXTREMELY careful with what products I use. I don't want to break out and I haven't had any scalp issues in a while which is definitely a blessing. I think that I have now narrowed down what beauty products work for me and ever since then I have NOT looked back!

As many of you guys know...I get gifted a lot of these products but my thoughts are 100% my own and I just wanted to clear that up. I don't always write positive reviews about each products I use because lets be real. If a product I use makes me break out, burns to use etc then I am NOT going to write a review saying that the product is amazing because then I would be lying to you guys and that's not what my reviews are about. 

So, with that being said. To kick off bringing back "Beauty Tuesdays" the first post will be about Bliss! Before I took my trip to San Diego..I got a few packages from Bliss that I was so excited to take with me. The first package contained 3 different cleansing sticks. A Cold Pressed Cleansing Stick, No Dull Days Cleansing Stick, and the Oh My Gommage Cleansing Stick. I was so excited when they arrived before I left for San Diego and they were the perfect traveling size as well. They were that great that my Mum decided to take one for herself. She snagged the Cold Pressed Cleansing Stick and she actually loved it ( this is a woman who dislikes trying new products ). I mixed between other 2 to test them out but I found myself leaning more towards No Dull Days Cleansing Stick. The smell and how soft my face felt after have ALWAYS been a deciding factor for me. 

Each stick is around $15 for 1oz. I know for some that might be a tad on the pricey side BUT I personally think that the No Dull Days Cleansing Stick is definitely worth it. 

August was definitely an uneventful month. I think the most exciting this that happened was traveling to San Diego but even then it was okay. What was initially promised to be fun and exciting turned into possibly the worst trip ever back to back but this post isn't going to dwell on the negativity? I am going to spin this and talk about everything that I actually loved about the scorching month. I know that I also failed with the vlogs that I mentioned but hey if I didn't go anywhere...can you blame me for not having content for you guys?

So, many of you guys know that I recently took a trip to San Diego because my sister was having another baby ( she had a boy and she named him Tristan ) and we were also there ( we being my Mum and I went together ) to celebrate the fact that my niece turned 1! I am going to be completely honest with you guys. I wasn't going to go. As much I love my niece with all of my heart...since my last visit...I was dreading seeing my sister and being stuck in her apartment every day for 2 weeks again. My Mum literally had to convince me to go last minute and part of me really does regrets going.

One thing that has definitely changed since I got back from San Diego would be my hair. I am all about protective styles at the moment because my natural hair is at an awkward length and I was over trying to deal with it. I do my own hair. I am VERY particular with who does my hair but that's a whole other story.

August Favourite Song:

Cross Your Mind : Sabrina Claudio

August Favourite Show:

Running Man

August Food/Snack:


August Drinks Rotation:

Iced Caramel Soy Latte

Iced Green Tea Lemonade 

Pineapple Soda


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