Wow, second YouTube video before the year ends. I, personally think that I am on a roll here. I think it makes it easier for me to sit down in front of the camera without being as nervous as I was before. Does this mean I am getting better? Does this mean I am getting over the hump that I created in my mind that YouTube was hard? Everyone has to start somewhere right? Well, this is me doing something I never thought I would do again!

My second video for the year is a ‘Holiday Shopping Haul’ I was going to link each item in the description of the video but opted for a blog post instead. I just thought that this would be an easier way & also include my blog readers! 

You guys can watch the video & shop the items all in one place! 

* Ribbed Cardigan

Tj Maxx
* Navy Blue Sherpa Corduroy Jacket ( similar )

* Brown Booties


Windsor Store

Shop Akira

Ari & Bo
* Pencil & Pen Holder


* Film Camera

Thank you for your continuous support! 

2019 you were great in some aspects but I am ready to put you behind of me. I am ready to start fresh  with the lessons that I learned. I am actually looking forward to turning a year older and hell of a year wiser. There were an abundance of tears during the last couple of months and I really did shut myself off from the world rather than trying to face my problems head on. I feel like working as freelance is a blessing and a curse in a way. A blessing being during this time it really gave me time to think and really rely on myself but a curse because you are alone with your thoughts. A persons thoughts can be the scariest thing in the world and for the past couple of months mine was. 

There are a lot of things that I am definitely thankful for this year. The good outweighed the bad which I am extremely thankful for. So, yeah 2019 you were somewhat good to me but I am really ready for 2020 now. 

I did get to work on some really amazing projects this year which I am beyond thankful for and I know I will do greater things in the year to come. To the brands that I was about to work with this year I sincerely thankful as well. I never thought that I could work with some of the brands that I did. 

I lost friends and gained friends. It’s all apart of life.  I also am the heaviest I have ever been in my life weight wise and I will try my hardest to live a more healthier lifestyle. I want to stop relying on food whenever I am feeling a bit down. I also want to cook more. I feel like I was constantly eating out because Uber Eats was available and ready to bring my food to my door without having to move off of my ass. 

I wanted to share 10 things that I was grateful for this year.

1. My health
2. Opportunities 
3. My family ( Niece and Nephew )
4. Being a little wiser
5. A roof over my head
6. Being Happier
7. Upgrading my work station 
8. Meeting new clients
9. Making new friends
10. Working towards my goals

I am hoping that 2020 brings more opportunities and happiness not just for myself but for you guys as well! I guess now I can finally count down to not only 2020 but also my birthday!

Warby Parker is a brand that I have worked with on numerous occasions & I actually have a few pairs of their glasses. Prescription & Sunglasses both. I just love their frames and my experience with them has always been amazing.

* Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! *

So, when I had the opportunity to go in for a complimentary eye exam and I wasn’t going to pass on the offer. Why? Well because lately, I have been having headaches and not the kind that painkillers can help with. So, I figured that it must have to do with my eyes and after my exam, I am 100% sure that it has been because of my eyes. 

My appointed was set for 11:40am and lasted for almost an hour. My Optometrists name was Dr. Shin ( not going to put her first name on here ) and she was just the sweetest. It also helped that we were the same age so being around her and talking to her made me feel more at ease. I was so comfortable with her that I was making ‘Friends’ references for the episode where Rachel has a fear about her eyes. 

Talking to Dr. Shin gave me more insight into what was going on with my eyes and in the end, she realized that I needed a bump up in my prescription and that I didn’t qualify for their contacts! Oh, quick side note I did not know until I arrived at Warby Parker that they launched their own contact lenses called ‘Scout Lenses’. You have the option to purchase daily, bi-weekly and monthly contacts but for their brand, they offer ‘daily lenses’. If you guys wear contacts and are interested in learning more about them then you can check them out and read all about it here

Okay, side note over haha but seriously I cannot get over how my experience was. Even after leaving the back room I was just talking about how amazing Dr. Shin was. Actually, in all honesty, the entire staff was just amazing. They were all friendly and down to earth, I didn’t want to leave the store. I actually cannot wait to get my eyes checked again next year. I am actually now looking forward to taking better care of my eyes. So, thank you, Warby Parker! You have definitely made my year. 

What a bumpy way to get back into recording and posting videos on Youtube but here I am stepping our of my comfort zone again. This time, even though I was still a bit awkward infront of the camera...I was actually being myself. So, maybe just maybe this Youtube thing isn't going to be so bad! 

2 more weeks of December. I always get a little scared when it is the last couple of months in the year. Why? They go by extremely quickly. I thought that I was going to accomplish a lot of the things that I wanted to accomplish but sadly I didn’t but I did experience a few firsts in my 27 years of existence. Alas, I am working on another post going into more detail just exactly how this year made me feel. I will go over the good, the bad and the in-between.

No, this post is going to be a happy post. I am sure some of you guys have been here supporting me since 2014 when I first started blogging. From Wix, to Wordpress, to Squarespace, to Blogger back to Wordpress and finally back to Blogger. Let’s just say it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out not only my blogging style but my personal style as well. I actually tried finding my old images but because I switched platforms quite often ( I blame my lack of knowledge about blogging )  a lot of my old photos aren’t on my blog anymore. I am going to go through my email to see if I have any of them left to do a before and after.

Let’s just say when I first started blogging my wardrobe was quite on the colorful side. I am talking really bright colors and even colorful jeans. I mean they were literally instyle back then but I guess you can say I didn’t have a set sense of style. I also personally feel like my style has matured as I have gotten older. Those same bright colors overtime became neutrals which in the end became more practical for everyday wear. It was easier to style outfits with basics you can wear everyday & I think about all the money I save. Even though I still shop here and there. I mainly get items that match well with my current wardrobe and items that I need.

I tried adding the shopstyle widget for these items but it isn’t working so I will go old school ( not really ) and just link everything individually. I will try fixing the shopstyle widget but until then this is a major throwback for me!

I am excited to see how my styles evolves next year as well!

Blazer - Shein
T-Shirt - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Shein
Beanie - H&M ( linked similar )
Blue Light Glasses - Amazon
Watch - Movado 

I have a love/hate relationship with handbags. I try to stick within the same colour palette but once in a while I find a bag that makes me fall in love at first sight. That was the case with this Crossbody from J.W Hulme. If you guys are interested in getting your hands on one then I will leave the link here. I tried finding this exact Crossbody on the Shopstyle page but couldn’t so I am sorry about that.

*Disclaimer: I did receive this bag as a gift but all thoughts & opinions are my 100% my own!*

One thing that I loved was the fact that they gave me an option to have my initials engraved into the bag. So, of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get it done. I think it just added a new personal touch to the bag. Like now it’s mine. I own this bag! Granted it is a little on the pricey side but it’s definitely great quality and I have gotten into the mindset that quality trumps quantity all day everyday.

So, yeah I would say that this Crossbody is definitely worth it. It reminds me of the Celine Trio Bag but for a FRACTION of the cost! The Celine bag costs $1250 and as much as the bag is beautiful and minimal...I am NOT going to purchase a bag that cost the same as my rent!

Overall this bag has definitely become a staple in my wardrobe and you will definitely see it more on my Instagram!

I always used to say that Nandos had possibly the best non home made mashed potatoes but Flower Child proved them wrong! Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit one of their locations in DC and dare I say that I was NOT disappointed! When I first glanced at their menu I was a little taken aback. They have sooooo many healthy options! It was like my gateway meal to get back into a healthy lifestyle.

Disclaimer: This is a partnership with Flower Child but ALL thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 

We arrived at Flower Child around 12:30pm which I think is the perfect time for lunch. It wasn’t as busy but there were still quite a few people there. I feel like that’s how you know if the food is good. When you overhear little kids telling their parents that the broccoli is delicious.

For starters we opted for the Tomato Toast ( Goat Cheese, Pistachio Pesto, Tomato & Sea Salt ) which by the way was absolutely delicious! I didn’t care for the amount of Tomato’s that were placed on top but I know it’s a snack I wouldn’t mind making myself at home now!

For our entrees we picked the Teriyaki Shrimp w/ Avocado Bowl ( Organic Brown Rice, Avocado, Bok Choy, Carrots, Cauliflower, Snap Peas and Shitake Mushrooms ) & Salmon w/ Golden Mashed Potatoes & Roasted Broccoli. We also added an order of the Yuzu Brussels Sprouts & for drinks we tried their Lemonade and Iced Tea.

Overall the food was absolutely delicious and when we were finished ( we ate everything ) we were full but not to the point where we were bursting out our clothing or felt tired. The food wasn’t heavy at all and about 4 hours later I was already getting hungry again for another round at Flower Child. I am actually tempted to go back again this upcoming weekend.

You can check out their website here & their menu here to see if they have a location in your city.

I give my experience and the food a 10/10. 

Wow, I cannot believe that 2019 is almost over and that we will be bringing in 2020 soon! I also cannot believe that I can start counting down to my birthday again. I am not going to lie I am not looking forward to turning another year older but I personally think that I am done with being 27 at the moment. I am ready to become a year older and wiser lol. Put some of the mental troubles behind me as I welcome the new year with open arms and an open mind.

I know that I didn’t write as much in the past couple of months and I will definitely chalk that up to being in a mental funk. I am sure plenty of you have noticed that I don’t really post on social media either as often as I used to but I think every once in awhile everyone needs a bit of a mental break. It honestly feels great and sometimes I laugh about the things I did to make sure that I always had content to post.

I did promise last month that I was going to write more but definitely broke my own promise but this month I really want to get back into writing. I have tons of notebooks with nothing but little writing here and there. I would much rather share some of my inner thoughts with you guys not all but some haha.

I wanted to share some recent photos from my camera role and from Instagram as well. Thank you for being patient with me and still reading my blog.


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