20 Random Facts About Me!


For my lovely supporters who have been following me since day one on my other blog, I am truly beyond grateful for you guys! This is one of the surprises that I wanted to share with you guys but not until it was completely up and running! The reason that I wanted to start over was because when I was going through my old blog posts I never really wrote anything about myself!

How silly of me to have completely miss that! Plus I can afford my own Domain on this website!

Well I am going to write 20 random facts about myself! I have been tagged multiple times on instagram to do this but I haven't gotten around to doing it until now. Alright lets get started shall we?

1. I am Capricorn

2. I am studying Fashion Retail & Merchandising

3. Favorite color is Mint and Purple

4. I love to read

5. Video games = life

6. I am obsessed with shoes

7. I love cheese pizza

8. I prefer working on my tablet than computer

9. I love meeting new people

10. I have moved about 7 times

11. I like rollercoasters

12. I am very corny

13. I enjoy dancing a lot

14. I Paint my nails every week

15. Essie <3

16. I like Superman

17. I love traveling

18. Strawberry Banana Smoothies are my favorite

19. I Collect Purses

20. I love cooking!

These are 20 Random Facts about lil ol me. Not in any particular order or anything. My closet on the other hand is different. My style ranges. I have been interested in fashion since I was a kid. Dressing up in my Mums' jewelry and wearing her lipstick. In high-school I took Interior Design, Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design. To be honest I really wanted to be a designer but I really loved Marketing more. My friends were the one who convinced me to actually start my own fashion blog. To this day I am so happy that I did!

Thank you to all my wonderful Lovelies who have been with me! You guys drive me to work harder and to be myself. Stay tuned for my new projects!

Until Next time.

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