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Hello it's been awhile since I have written anything on the blog. I still want to thank everyone who still reads my posts. It's crazy that I am in my 3rd trimester. It feels like in the beginning ( 1st trimester blues ) that I was wishing for my pregnancy to go faster but now that I am gearing up to the end of my pregnancy I'm like 'holy shit'. Am I ready for this baby? Okay more like are WE ready for this baby? It's crazy to think that tomorrow I am going to be 29 weeks pregnant. We're currently planning out our baby moon to San Diego. I've been to SD numerous times when my sister was stationed there but this is going to be the first time I am going just for a vacation and not to babysit. 

Hubby and I have been nesting for baby girl but since he caught covid we had to be apart until he's better. Which sucks cause I really wanted to work on her room this weekend. Like putting her shelves up, her name etc....but my husband's health comes first. 


One thing that I have learned during my pregnancy is to do what makes ME comfortable. Not take the advice of other people because they aren't me. They don't have my mindset and they don't have my pain tolerance lol. I have noticed since getting pregnant that everyone is so quick to offer their advice ( that I didn't ask for ) and when I voice things that I want to do...then they tell me I shouldn't. 

Pregnancy isn't for everyone and I am not enjoying my pregnancy that much. Having another baby has NEVER crossed my mind but somehow I am deemed selfish for not wanting 2 kids. Im struggling. I don't want to experience this again. I mean there is a possibility that my next pregnancy...if I decide to do this again could be smooth sailing BUT as of right now that isn't something I am thinking about right now. Especially since I haven't even gotten through this pregnancy yet. 

Yesterday ( May 17th ) I had another appointment where they measured my belly and let us hear baby girls heartbeat again. Her heart is pumping strong so I must be doing something right lol. I still cannot believe everything is flying by so quickly. On Monday I am going to be 24 weeks pregnant which means that it will be time for me to take the glucose test. Dr. Vlasie who I saw yesterday since Dr. Dressen was in surgery all day...she said I have to get it done between 24-28 weeks. So, I guess right before I hit the 3rd trimester. 

I am internally freaking out because they do have to draw my blood and that's something I am not looking forward to at all or the fact that I have to fast before taking this test. Not happy about that either but it's to make sure that I don't have diabetes. Overall were still in nesting mode and received alot of items from our registry for babygirl so I am still working on her room. I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys. 


I am currently writing this on a gloomy Monday afternoon after making spaghetti and turkey meatballs. It was very delicious by the way and Baby Yoo is doing her usual wiggling around in my tummy. I will say now last week. I started feeling her more without needing to put my hand on my belly and it's so WEIRD. At first I wasn't sure what the feeling was and was a little panicked but now omgawd just knowing it's her and I can feel her so much more now is so surreal. 

This week Baby Yoo is the size of a small squash. Even as I am writing this she is kicking me so much right now lol. My silly little active girl. She loves the sound of her Appa's voice for sure & I will admit that I am jealous lol! 

Hubby and I also uploaded a new video to our channel. I am just happy that her room is coming along. Albeit slowly but overall it's happening. We've gotten so much clothing for her at the moment & organizing it has been so much fun. The weather has been warming up FINALLY so now hubby and I can take evening walks together and just enjoy each others company. This weekend I am going to try and convince him to deep clean the house with me before he leaves to go to Korea next week. He doesn't want to go since I cancelled my trip back home and he doesn't want me staying home alone but I told him that I will be alright. He said that if I wanted to I can take a trip driving distance for about a week but I told him that I was going to think about it, 

I am not sure what I want to do yet. 


Today is Mother's Day & even though Baby Yoo isn't here yet I have received some Mother's Day text messages that placed a smile on my face. I thought I wasn't a mother until I gave birth but that isn't the case. Baby Yoo is wiggling, doing flips and kicking me right now. She loves the sound of her fathers voice when he speaks to her she always reacts by kicking me to let him know that 'yes dad I hear you'. 

So, whilst I am used to being the one sending out the Mother's Day messages to all my friends and family. It still feels a bit surreal that I am the one receiving them now. I am cherishing them and the ones who went out of their way to make this day feel special for me.

I am going to be 23 weeks tomorrow and like I mentioned in my last post we started nesting. We got her crib, her book shelf for her books and her dresser. A BUNCH of hangers for all the clothing that not only did we get her but received from neighbors as well. 

All in all. I cannot wait to meet Baby Yoo in September & shower her with all the love. 

Happy Mother's Day again to those who are Mothers, those tho have lost Mothers, those with multiple Mothers, Mothers with strained child relationships, those with difficult Mother relationships, those who are single Mothers, Mothers who have lost their children, those yearning to be Mothers, those unable to be Mothers and those who are currently becoming Mothers.