Fancy Dinner Look!

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

The week is almost over and what better way to perk up all of you Lovelies than a blog post! I was actually going to post yesterday since it was Hump Day. 6 days until Christmas! Did everyone finish their shopping?! I am really bad when it comes to finding gifts for people. Unless they give me a list of things they want. Soon I will master gift shopping!

There was a comment I read ( Yes I read all of your comments ) about me starting my own youtube channel. I have thought about it but I am way to shy infront of the camera. It took me awhile to work up actually posing like this for you guys but I have given the youtube thing a thought. Who knows it might be a surprise for the near future! ( Keep an eye out Lovelies )

As you all know I have a thing for wearing black and white. So, majority of the time I say why not just throw them together for a Monochrome Look. For me when I am standing in-front of my wardrobe looking for something to wear my go to pick is always either black or mixing white with another color.

Cardigan - Love Culture
Top - Banggood
Bralette - Forever 21
Skirt - Forever 21
Shoes - Bakers Shoe Store
Purse - Forever 21

I love how casual yet dressy this outfit is. The weather was working with me so I picked this cute high waisted pencil white pencil skirt, matched it with a black lace top which contrasted the skirt very well. I wanted to go with the whole casual feel so I picked my very first pair of combat boots I ever owned. They are my favorite pair as well. The cardigan is from Love Culture. The aztec print was a perfect add on to the outfit. I thought it would have been to much going on with the lace pattern and the aztec pattern but somehow they managed to work out.

Also I am going to New York this weekend! I will have surprises for you guys when I get back! I am so excited! Stay tuned Lovelies.

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