Oversized Sweaters!

Hello Lovelies

Happy Tuesday! I know that last week and this week were hectic Finals week for a lot of you. If you're currently still taking your Finals then GOOD-LUCK! I also heard about what happened in Sydney Australia the other day and my prayers goes out to my friends there as well.

This weeks look was requested by Wendy. She wanted an Oversized Hoodie Look but I didn't have one so I picked the next best thing. Oversized Sweater! The weather was amazing the day I took these photos' so I had a lot of fun.
Sweater -- Thrifted
Scarf -- Macys
Jeans -- Banggood
Boots -- Bearpaw
Purse -- Forever 21

I love the color orange. Not like the bright orange but burnt orange. I love the way it compliments my skin tone. The scarf I picked is actually my favorite scarf that I bought a few years ago. I can honestly say that I have been wearing it faithfully every year since then. The distressed boyfriend jeans are from my "Plaid is Rad" post. I actually had a lot of fun styling this look. Completely casual but still fashionable. During Black Friday, I actually went on the Forever 21 website and browsed around. I found the purse online and immediately fell in love with it. Although I fell in love with the forest green color. When I went into the store they only had blue and off white. So, I settled for the off white. Don't worry I will be buying the forest green one really soon. It spoke to me. HAHA.

9 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Are you guys as excited as I am? Did you guys finish all of your holiday shopping? Now is the time for Christmas Parties and Secret Santa gifts! I would love to see all of your Holiday Outfits! I also already need another haircut! Also I wore only mascara and lipstick for this look. Keeping it super casual.

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