Plaid Is Rad!

I'm back Lovelies! Bringing you my favorite look of the week! How was everyone's weekend?! So, in this post I wanted to bring you my favorite look of the week! Seeing that today is Monday my favorite look of last-week! Brought to you by some of my lovely haul pieces of the month of October ( since we're now in November ) Normally I would post my daily looks on instagram and you can tap the photo and get the details but sometimes that isn't fun!

Plaid Shirt --- American Eagle
Top --- Banggood
Lace Bralette --- Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans --- Banggood
Shoes --- Forever 21
purse --- Banggood

I love how bright and vibrant the purse is which matches so well with the brightness of the plaid shirt! Which is why this was my favorite look of the week! Oh, also got a haircut and I must say that I am loving my new short hairdo! Frames my face so well!

Until next time Lovelies!


  1. I love all the fun colors in these photos! Your bag and the plaid go so nicely together, great pictures! :)

  2. 1 - I want your hair!!! so stunning
    2 - Lovely photographs
    3 - Those rings are gorgeous
    4 - Please check out our duo blog --> :)
    Thank you! Xx