Camel Coats X Statement Necklaces

Hello Lovelies! Happy Thursday!

It's crazy how the month just started but yet were already coming to the end of it! I hope it's not just me but I feel like the days are getting shorter! Not enough time in a day now? Need too step up my time management ASAP! Although I am fairly good when it comes to time and appointments.

Whenever I clean my closet I always go through all of my shoes and pick out the ones that I haven't worn in a while. Since it's Summer and the weather is hitting the 90's I have brought out the peep toed heels, sandals and wedges. Which means I'm pushing my converse, oxfords and sneakers to the side for now. I will be throwing them in here and there so my Lovelies do not worry. I don't think that I can ever give them up!

Although now I don't mind wearing heels and looking somewhat like a girl. As long as it's within reason. It has been thunder-storming and raining almost everyday. In 90 degree weather you would think that would be perfect right? But unfortunately Mother Nature doesn't play that way so the humidity after makes anyone and everything melt.
Top : Love Culture ( similar )

Coat : Boohoo ( similar )

Jeans : Forever 21

Jewelry : Boohoo ( similar )

Satchel : ASOS ( similar )

Shoes : Gifted

Sunglasses : American Eagle

The shoes were gifted to me by my Mum so I will have to ask her where she got it from. They are cute but I think that they came from an outlet store. Will have to ask her and fill you Lovelies in on who is curious about where I got them. Also I changed my hair like I said I was going to and I'm really happy with the outcome! I'm not sure why I didn't think of this before! These are the LAST photos of my old hair!

Until Next Time Lovelies! <3

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  1. love the blaazerrrr! beautiful look!

    check out my latest outfit & share your thoughts? :) thanks!