August: I Fell In Love With..

I am inspired by so many bloggers and everyday I find amazing new ones to be inspired by. I was actually inspired by Isabelle to start making posts like this.

I did start adding Photoshop work to my blog but not in the creative way that she does. So, I have decided why not incorporate it into my blog as well.

These are some items that I have been eyeing since the month started! They kind of fall into the end of Summer to the beginning of Fall. I always try and find affordable fashion for my readers cause let's face it not all of us can afford $200 pair of jeans. But I have been lusting hard over River Island and I think you Lovelies should be too!

Vest: River Island

Top: River Island

Fedora: River Island

Jeans: River Island

Booties: River Island

Earrings: River Island

Necklace: River Island

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