So, I actually got this idea from so many other bloggers and decided why not incorporate it into my blog as well! When I first started blogging I would literally give a life story in each post. Now since I decided to integrate Korean into my blog I didn't want the blog posts to be exceedingly long. These posts will be up every Sunday starting today and it will give you details and updates of the good/bad that happened throughout the week!


It's been a week and a half since I redyed my hair! Since the green was fading I wanted to try another colour. So, I added blue and the outcome was much better than I could have imagined! It literally looks like a Mermaids tail in TV shows haha! I love love love my hair!

Good of the Week:

I am constantly working and I'm always exhausted I never really want to or have time too go out and enjoy myself. With that being said my friends and I randomly went out on a Tuesday ( crazy I know right ). What was supposed to be a nice dinner at a local Korean BBQ Restaurant turned into loud singing and crazy dancing at a Karaoke Bar right next door!

  Delicious Korean BBQ at Honey Pig Restaurant!


This past weekend was tax free weekend! Which in a bloggers world is a dream come true!! Can someone say splurge?! I also love buy one get one free deals....I need to re-organize my wardrobe again.

Current Song Obsession

For me music is my forte besides fashion of course. I have recently come across this song thanks to youtube. Y. E. U ( EDM Version ) by Min has been on repeat on my phone since I bought it on ITunes! Definitely my Summer jam.


Got my hands on my sisters Netflix password and have been binge watching White Collar and I am hooked! Who knew that I would become so addicted to quickly! Highly recommended!

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