Weekly Thoughts III

News: I really have to get better at writing these weekly thoughts out so that they can be up for you Lovelies on Sundays! Making and setting a reminder for myself that I need to write things out. Fashion Week in NYC is starting next week and I really want to go! Who wants to buy my ticket?

Plans: I still haven't visited " The Beach " here in DC which is a massive ball pit for adults at a local museum. I have been seeing all the photos and I wanted to go so badly. Must. Find. Someone. To. Go. With.

Shopping: Shopping is something that I haven't done in awhile and I am hoping to get some lovely pieces for Fall and of course winter. I am looking forward to Black Friday and getting a new laptop! Let the countdown begin!

Watched: I have been hooked on a show called " Mistresses " on Hulu and I literally binged watched the entire 3 seasons already. Now I need a new show to watch! Any recommendations?

Favorite Song: Piano Man by Mamamoo

Video Of The Week:


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