Weekly Thoughts IIII

News: As bloggers and fashion lovers are adding the finishing touches to their Fashion Week looks. I on the other hand am writing post out before Fashion Week even started! So, a recap of my New York adventures will be up next week! Don't panic Lovelies! Even though I will not be attending the high end Fashion Shows there are some shows that regular people like myself can get into. Extremely last minute!

Amazing photos like this one can be found here!

Plans: Planning Birthday Dinners or events never really was my thing. I always think that I have brilliant ideas but then they don't really work out. If someone wants to give me ideas please I am more than willingly taking them.

Shopping: I have recently purchased some items from Lulu's that I was excited to style! It will be on le blog soon! I cannot wait!

Watched: I have been engulfed in watching Elementary! Hulu has gotten really good at recommending shows to me now. Congrats Hulu. The only thing is....I HATE COMMERCIALS! I just want to binge watch the show without having to see commercials about ' cats and babies '.

Favorite Song: Colors by Day6

Video Of The Week

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