Weekly Thoughts V

News: With everyone is coming off of their NYFW high. You can see a lot of ' Fashion Week ' photo of the Best and the Worst of street style. Majority of the time there are never any bad street styles. There were so many Bloggers walking around and so many Photographers with their amazing cameras and not to mention their amazing photo taking skills.

Plans: It's so nice meeting up with old friends and catching up. This past week I spent with some old friends just catching up and having the time of my life. I don't think I laugh as much as I am talking about old crazy times with them.

Shopping: Bought some amazing things and I cannot wait to style them for you guys! Sorry that my OOTD posts have been narrowed down to 1 post a week.

Watched: I started a new drama called The Eccentric Daughter In Law it's a romantic comedy starring Dasom from Sistar! I highly recommend it!

Favorite Song: Beautiful Liar by VIXX LR

Video Of The Week:


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