Weekly Thoughts VI

News: Ah I have so much fun writing these weekly posts now. Well this past week we had " The Pope " visit the Washington DC area and it was hectic! Streets were closed down, protesters, terrible traffic etc. I decided on the days he was in the city that I would avoid the area all together. Soooo excited that it's officially Fall Season! I have so much ideas and outfits for you Lovelies.

Plans: I recently celebrated my 3 year anniversary with my boyfriend. I was so excited and we planned a day of nothing but spending time together. No phones, No distractions. Just a day with each-other.

Shopping: I recently got a few amazing items in the mail! Maybe I should start adding a " Monthly Haul " so you Lovelies can see what items I get a month. Maybe sneaking a video in here and there. Who knows I have so many new ideas!

Watched: Since I finished my drama with Dasom, I have been on the hunt for another drama to watch and came across " A Gentleman's Dignity " so I will watch it and give you Lovelies the buzz on it later!

Favorite Song: Speechless by Leo VIXX

Video of the Week:


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