Weekly Thoughts VII

News: Woohoo Sunday! It only means another " Weekly Thoughts " post! So, for news unfortunately we were hit with an " Hurricane " this past weekend. I would say more like week. We went from having beautiful warm weather to having complete shit weather. It was raining and you could hear the wind hitting up against the window. Who needs AC when your apartment was already an icebox?

Plans: My crazy friends want to take a random road trip to Pennsylvania. I am debating whether I should go. I think that it would be alot of fun honestly. Although I am currently not feeling well so we shall see when I get better.

Shopping: I just recently bought some new undies. I know that is probably sharing alot of personal information with you guys but I am always excited when I buy something new. I mean who isn't.

Watched: I just recently watched a movie called " The Frozen Flower " it's a Korean Film set in the Goryeo Era. It was a good movie I recommend it to anyone who likes historical movies.

PS: This movie is not suitable for kids. Have them leave the room.

Favorite Song: Let This Die by Brian Joo

Video Of The Week:


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