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Sunday Funday! I am currently attending a " Bloggers Brunch " so this blog post was written in advance. Sorry Lovelies.

News: This past week has been what I would like to call shitty. The week started off great but for some odd reason I ended up catching an eye infection. Which completely sucked. Thank goodness it is over with and I can go about my everyday life again.

Plans: Does any of my amazing Lovelies have any exciting plans for the Christmas Holiday? I currently have no plans yet. Maybe I should host a Christmas giveaway. Who knows. Stay tuned I might just surprise you guys.

Shopping: I have been eyeing this beautiful Pinstripe Blazer on Forever21 website. I really want it of course along with other things I am lusting over as well. Grrrr. Maybe I should make my Christmas wishlist and hide it under le boyfriends pillow. * Hint Hint * * Cough Cough *

Watched: I currently haven't been watching anything except my daily dosage of Running Man. This variety show is so funny I just cannot get enough! Definitely a good show to watch on the days you are in a bad mood.

Favorite Song: Secret Love Song Pt II by Little Mix

Video Of The Week:


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