My week in some words II

News: After celebrating my birthday on the 15th. I find myself dreading Valentines Day. Why? What girl wouldn't want chocolate, flowers, and a giant teddy bear because it's the National Day of Love? I would rather go to the movies and see a comedy ( not a chick flick ). Maybe grab some dinner and possible sneak in some shopping ( officially an addict ).

PS: I also FINALLY got to making my business cards! I cannot wait to show you guys!

Plans: Since this year is about serious changes. Not just for my blog but also my personal life as well and at the top of my list is Fashion Week! I am actually going to be attending a few local fashion shows this year and I am looking forward to going. So, if any of my readers are attending let me know and we can definitely meet up.

Shopping: I just recently bought an amazing pair of pointed oxfords! They were on sale and the last pair in my size! How lucky am I?! I am seriously such a sucker for sales!

Watched: Since we had the blizzard and we are snowed in. We've been watching Netflix like crazy! I turned le boyfriend onto Attack on the Titan and he loved it and now he is anxiously waiting for the next season. Now we're binge watching New Girl and this show is like corny funny. But we are both enjoying it.

Song of the Week: Converse High by BTS

Video of the Week:

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