Weekly Thoughts I

News: After celebrating the New Year with my best friend and boyfriend. I can start the New Year off right. My best friend hosted a small get together at her house. It was such a nice way to enter into the New Year. Movies, homemade potato skin with vegan bacon ( which was so good ), fireworks and lots of laughs. Much needed laughter cause 2015 was a hard year for me.


Le boyfriend and I also went to brunch with his family and after we went on a day date. I always enjoy going out on dates with him when he isn't trying to drag me to go see Starwars.

Walking around we came across a street performer named Benjamin Gates. I was literally blown away with how amazing he was. We stood there and listened to him play 3 songs on his Electric Cello and thanked him for his performance. That basically was the last nice " winter day " we had. Now the weather is beyond deadly. I see why Bears hibernate.

Plans: I have been racking my brain trying to come up with some ideas for my birthday. I've been seriously leaning towards karaoke. Everyone just singing, eating and drinking. I'm still open to options. I have another 5 days to come up with some last minute changes. I'm also planning some trips this year. I want to travel more and see the world.

Shopping: I think I've just about done all the shopping I needed to do ( for now ). I'm currently still working on my perfect wardrobe full of staple pieces and I will also be selling some of my old pieces. Still currently picking out what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of. I'm looking into some online stores like Poshmark or Etsy. We shall see how it all goes.

Watched: Since I finished watching all of the episodes of The Nanny. I wanted to keep the 90's trend going so I started watching " Martin ". I always forget how funny the show actually is. I find myself laughing so much that my sides start hurting. I need to stop binge watching shows but with auto play I never want to stop.

Song of the Week: Brave Honest Beautiful by Fifth Harmony ft Meghan Trainor.

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