My Week In Some Words V

News: I have been lusting over the photos and the designs I have been seeing this past NYFW! Which is why I'm going to be making it my mission to attend ASAP. In other news this week has been pretty boring. I literally tried filming a haul video and was SO proud of myself then it turned out that the video ended up having NO SOUND! I was extremely livid. I immediately went on Youtube to try and figure out why my video had no sound and to no prevail was left with a soundless video. Maybe I should try another route with the video or try re-recording it to see how it will come out. There are so many ways to do a haul video. I will be tinkering with some different ideas once I get the sound to start working.

Plans: With DCFW ( DC Fashion Week ) fastly approaching. I will be attending a few shows and events. I have never really gotten into attending anything local really but now I will. SO, if any of you local Fashionistas want to meet up and take lots of amazing photos together let me know!

Shopping: I did do a little shopping. I was going to do a Haul Video to show you Lovelies everything that I got BUT like I mentioned earlier I will have to re-record it! Agh it sucks but I guess it needs to be done. If you guys actually want to see a haul video let me know down below.

Watched: Youtube recommended that I watch " Living With Fran ". It was actually really crazy to watch it. From working for her employer on " The Nanny " and getting married to starring as a married couple in " Living With Fran " I was beyond excited. I am not sure why the show only lasted 2 seasons though. Although  now I am starting her latest show called " Happily Divorced ".

Song Of The Week:

I'm Yours by Alessia Cara.

Video Of The Week:

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