My Week In Some Words VIII

News: With another Fashion Networking Event right around the corner. I am on the hunt for the perfect Olive Green colour. I have a few pieces in my wardrobe BUT there is something about styling a new piece that really gets me going. Whenever I go to the store and I see something I literally list out how many times and how many ways I can style it. That way I am getting more for my buck! Of course there will be photos! I will try and bring my camera this time to take waaaaay better quality photos than on my phone.

Plans: I am currently trying to plan an awesome vacation for myself. I was thinking to myself when was the last time that I took a proper vacation? Lets just say that it has been awhile. So, it is much needed. Maybe unplug from technology for awhile. A detox!

Shopping: Yesterday got a few packages with some new goodies and I honestly cannot wait to share it with you guys! Since the Spring weather is still pretty day 70s then back to 50s I find myself reaching for a thicker coat. Le sad. I just dont want to get sick again. This dry cough is such a pain in the bum.

Watched: Honestly nothing new. I have just been watching old episodes of Running Man constantly. That show is way to funny. Whenever I need a pick me up I literally say ' yep Running Man moment '. LOL.

Song Of The Week: Seasons Of The Heart by Seo In Guk

Video Of The Week:

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