Create Your Destiny Tour PT 1

Whenever I attend an event that I know will be coming up on the blog I tend to write everything out the same day so that do not forget. Am I the only that does that? I know that I cannot be the only one that does! I always want to share exciting things with you Lovelies even if you've only been reading my blog for Fashion Inspiration.

This post will be slightly different. How so you might be asking...just trust me when I say it's going to be different and quite on the long side. Which is why it is going to be in 2 parts. I do not want to create an extremely long post that will only capture half of your attention.

* cough cough *

So, yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the " Create Your Destiny Tour " here in Washington DC! I actually got an email inviting me to the event and I was super excited to attend. I was excited about the opportunity to sit and be inspired by the selected speakers. It was rather amazing hearing their stories on where they started and how they ended up in the position that they were in. Which was pursuing their dreams. Their passions and what drives them.  you know when you meet someone and they make you question life and it's wonders? That's how I felt sitting down and listening.I questioned why I was blogging, why I started blogging I and what I wanted in the long run. Some of the questions I had answers for right away and other questions left me in A daze. It did exactly what it was supposed to do and that was.... Make me question.

Some of you reading this might have questions as well.. Did you answer the questions Jia? IF you did what were your answers? Why aid you start blogging? what is your end goal? All of my answers will be in part 2 of this blog post! I had to really sit down and think of the right meaningful answer for you guys.

I loved every minute of the event. I loved the advice and the wonderful women and men that I met.The ones who opened up my eyes to all the possibilities of the world and the ones who opened my eyes to the opportunities of the "now".

It was a blessing in the right direction and I am going to apply it to my life starting now.

 Stay tuned for Part 2!

PS: Check out @Cr8YourDestiny on Instagram to see who they wonderful speakers were!

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