Create Your Destiny Tour PT 2

Why did you start blogging?

Good question! It's actually a super long story! A few years ago my friend Lucy and I came up with the idea of blogging together! This was before blogging became as big as it did. We decided that this was something that we wanted to do together so I started brainstorming some ideas about a name that both of us will like. I came up with alot of names until I finally thought of LeLondonChic! Needless to say that my friend Lucy loved the name but after I went through the trouble of creating everything she backed out last minute. So, there I was with a fresh new blog and not knowing anything about it. I literally threw myself into blogging failing numerous times along the way but now I have grasped the concept and what I want my blog to represent. I also tried blogging with my friend Brie but in the end I have decided that it was best that I did it myself. I love blogging and the joy I have coming up with ideas for my outfits. My readers and my supporters from day one have made it worth while for me! I went from Weebly to to my very own self hosting site and I am so glad I never turned back. There were times I wanted to quit blogging but I had such an amazing support system that I didn't and I am glad!

What is my end goal?

My end goal is something that I havent really thought about to an extent. I knew that I wanted to work for an editorial magazine in South Korea but is that something that I wanted to do for awhile. At first my dream was branching out and becoming a wardrobe stylist. Still all within fashion. It is something I am and that I will forever be passionate about. So, right now I am just learning to live in the now with my long term goal slowly coming into my grasp. Blogging is my creative outlet and something I will continue doing even if I have reached my dream. Because you all have made this possible for me by your continuous support and love!

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