Meet Kimo Bentley!

*This is not a sponsored post, all opinions are my own*

Just to clear the air before I begin this blog post.

I enjoy meeting amazing women. They are such influential souls especially when you take the time to actually sit down and have a conversation with them. You will be amazed by how many of them are full of wisdom and how amazing their stories are.

You might be wondering why I am mentioning this...well that's because I had the pleasure of meeting Miss Kimo Bentley. An entrepreneur and a Mother of a beautiful baby ( which she gushed about and I enjoyed listening about ).

Miss Kimo created and owns her own ALL NATURAL SKIN/PRODUCTS Business. I was in awe listening to how she got started. She had a little booth set up at the " Create Your Destiny Tour " and I couldn't resist going over to see what she was selling. Let's just say I wanted to buy everything. Her products smelled that good! She had samples of her work open for everyone to test and boy did le boyfriend and I test. I think he fell in love with her products before I did.

In the end I opted for her Vanilla Butter Body Lotion and I have been using it everyday since I got it. The smell is seriously so addicting. Le boyfriend thinks it smells like pistachios ( he has an unnatural obsession with them ) so he uses it as well. Miss Kimo also had some little samples that you could take home with you and I mean come on I seriously couldn't resist. So, yes I did end up taking a few and snuck some into le boyfriends bag so he can use whilst he is at work.

Yes, her products are unisex ladies and gentlemen so do not worry about that. I was debating on getting the Facial Toner and I should've have gotten it when I had the chance. But that's the beauty of it I could always order everything I want off her website.

I still cannot get over her hard work and dedication. Every last one of her products are HOME MADE! No factory! Just her and her lovely set up.

You can check out her website down below and get 10% off your first order!

Happy Shopping!







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