My Week In Some Words XI

News: After getting over my stomach flu I find myself starting a new job. Quitting my job was a big decision that I made and it needed to be done. I am happier and most definitely stress free. I love it. I no longer wake up dreading the work day. I am working myself into slowly becoming a full-time blogger. Not there yet but my job gives me the leeway to continue doing what I want and of course that is my blog!

Plans: I really want to start traveling this year! I will be going to NYC in July and I cannot wait for that! I haven't been to New York since the year started which is depressing!

Shopping: I have some exciting pieces to show you Lovelies and I think you guys will love them! Ahhh I cannot wait to style them for you guys!

Watched: I haven't really started watching anything new lately. Just new episodes of Running Man here and there but other than that I haven't been catering to my Netflix buzz.

Song Of The Week:

Borders by Amber

Video Of The Week:

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