My Week In Some Words XII

News: Another Bubbles&Bloggers meetup in the works wnd I am pretty excited about it! I am need of a serious Girls Night Out!

The weather has finally decided to hit the 80's and I absolutely hate it. Why? Well they still have not turned on the Air Con in my apartment complex! Because 2 weeks ago we had random snow and I figure they do not know which way the weather is going to go. I guess they do not care about their residents melting away in their apartments.

Plans: My blogger girls and I are heading up to New York City soon so we are in the works for planning for that! I also have a pretty sweet collaboration coming up soon for you Lovelies as well!

Shopping: If you have been keeping up with my blog then you guys would have seen my recent blog post on the ' New Items ' I recently got. If not then you guys can go back and check that out.

Watched: Oh my god! My inner child has been released. I mean she comes out from time to time but I find myself wanting to sit down in my PJ's with a sugary bowl of cereal. Netflix has added Animaniacs! Hold the phone! Do you know how obsessed with this show I was as a kid! I shall be binge watching all 4 seasons!

Song Of The Week: 

Say Love by Jojo

Video Of The Week:

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