Striped & Off The Shoulder

I have decided to jump onto the " Off The Shoulder " trend that I have been seeing. Normally with trends they don't work for everyone. It's a hit or miss sometimes. Lets just say that I have been eying this particular Off The Shoulder top for awhile now and when I had the opportunity to get it well I didn't think twice.

Are we really surprised that this top just happened to be Striped? Okay I am going to be honest I didn't know what to expect when I opened the package. First instinct was yes I will love it cause it was striped but then as I attempted to try it on I was iffy about it. It took me a whole week to pick through all my new clothing to find this baby.

Seeing as though the original pair of High-Waisted Denim I wanted to wear was not my size ( which is currently on the way back to the original country ) I had to come up with another look all together that was simple and yet standoutish. Like my personal style or signature look in a way.

I honestly thought of so many pairings for this top it was ridiculous. It just goes to show how versatile this Off The Shoulder top actually is. For my first look ( with this top ) I opted for my only pair ( for now ) of cropped denim from H&M and a Long Duster Vest from Forever 21. I always tend to check the weather before styling any outfit and with all the rain we have been having recently actually finding the time to go and take photos became a hassle. Curse you Mother Nature and your ability to ruin my photo taking days lol.

In the end this look worked out cause it was my second favorite that I shot and I am also working on a Summer Lookbook. I will be doing around 4 looks that will be up soon. Now that the weather is somewhat working with us now.

This top will definitely be featured cause I am loving it now. First it was iffy, then like now love.

I am also in the process of changing my hair colour so I have been stripping the colour out of my hair slowly. Tis why it looks green!

Top - Na-kd ( similar below )

Vest - Forever 21 ( similar below )

Denim - H&M

Fedora - Forever 21

Shoes - Adidas

Bag - Boohoo ( similar below )

Sunnies - American Eagle

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