Olive Culottes

I am expanding my wardrobe and getting myself things that I never thought I would be wearing period. Weird huh? But I cannot be the only person who does that.

In my last post I talked about finding my own personal style and making a mark. I know as bloggers we want to considered original and come up with original content. The question that I get asked is how do I stay original? I stay true to myself. I like what I like. Just because something is in the now for right now doesn't mean that I am going to jump on that bandwagon. You are your own brand and you create your own image.

I can honestly say that even if people don't know my name or don't care to know my name I will leave an impression. HOW? I have things that help me! What? My personality...I am a people person and I am the type to start a conversation about random things. Weird but it works. They are not going to remember the kiss ass but the weird girl who made them laugh so hard they almost passed out. Two would be my killer Fedora collection. You would not believe how many times I have been referred to as the " Girl Wearing The Fedora " you guys might be laughing but it is true.

Example would be this Fedora that I am wearing for this look. At first glance you would just think that it was a plain old black fedora but on the inside is this awesome Aztec print. It is eye catching and very noticeable. I wore this outfit to the Pow Wow and no one was paying attention to my outfit they were asking me where I got my Fedora from.

I consider my Fedora my signature item. It's something that I have grown quite fond of. I cannot see myself giving them up for anything maybe except this dreadful Summer weather.

This post was supposed to be about these beautiful Olive Green Culottes from Boohoo! The shade is so perfect in person I don't think that photos really captured the colour well. These lovely culottes will be heavily on rotation this summer! They have captured my heart.

Until next time.

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