Summer Blazer

There are certain staple pieces in my wardrobe that I want to wear and will wear every season. For instance this Nude Blazer. Yes, I will still rock an over sized blazer in 80 degree weather. I love it that much. Building looks around staple pieces in your wardrobe is key. Imagine the endless outfit options!? And my favorite go to look ( white button up , jeans , sneakers or oxfords and a fedora obviously ). Cannot get enough. Plus with my Denim and Fedora obsession it's never really same. Even though technically it is lol.

I love getting the most ware out of my clothing. I like to get my $'s worth even though I did purchase this awesome on sale with an extra 50% off! Also it was the last one they had so yeah I kinda had to have it.

This is the second time I have styled this blazer for my blog. I personally feel like if I style an item ( my fedora as an example ) numerous times then you guys get the gist.

"Like damn Jia, we get it you love Fedoras! "

These shorts are probably the only shorts I will wear this Summer. I am NOT a shorts kinda person. I push my boundaries with a dress and a skirt sometimes but shorts are a big NO in my book. You might probably think I'm either lying or messing around with you Lovelies when I say that these particular pair of denim was purchased from the mens section at Forever 21! They were on sale and I said eh why not. LOL.

If you guys want to check out my post on how I styled this blazer then click here.

Blazer - Forever 21

Top - Forever 21 ( similar below )

Denim - Forever 21

Sneakers - Adidas

Sunnies - American Eagle

Fedora - Forever 21

Bag - Sheinside

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