My Week In Some Words XIV

News: There has been so much violence and chaos in the world today I was going to wait until this post to really talk about it. I always knew that the world was going to shit but I did not think that it would be going to shit so quickly. It feels like we are going back in time rather than moving forward as a race. I thought we left racism behind and were trying to mend forces and create a peaceful nation but alas I was wrong. You have Donald Trump and his famous quote

" Make America Great Again..."

The thing is and I am sure a lot of my readers can agree with me on this one.

America Was Never Great..

America became America by murder, betrayal and slaves. The media is not helping as well. It is really showing you who the closet racists are. The same ones that would smile in your face are shouting derogatory remarks behind your back and behind their computers. You see stories like Swimmer spent only 6 months in jail for raping a woman because of the colour of his skin BUT let that be a man of colour 25 to life.

I am sick to my stomach of the double standards. The hate that African Americans get. They love us when we can entertain them. They claim they love black men but when it is time to speak up about the issues they all fall silent. That is something I never understood. All these celebrities who have the opportunity to speak up about all the issues fall silent because they do not want to lose their fans. The time that your fans need you to speak up is NOW!

Plans: I will be attending a few events this month and I cannot wait to take you guys along with me! Via Snapchat of course and for those of my followers who do not use Snapchat then do not worry I will be posting blog posts recapping on my events.

Shopping: I went on a crazy shopping haul! I do not know if I want to try doing a video again because it did not really work out to my favour but who knows maybe I will try again and succeed. LOL.


"Lucky Romance" & "Doctors" ( which are both Korean Dramas )

Song Of The Week:

Daybreak Rain by Shannon Williams

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