One brand that has been slowly creeping into my wardrobe is the awesome online brand Na-kd. I can say without a doubt that I really really enjoy their selection of items! One of my favorite bags ( my velvet beauty ) is actually from their website as well.

* I am currently working on a post about owning items that wont break the bank *

In one of my previous posts I styled a Striped Off The Shoulder Top from Na-kd and I definitely wanted another dosage from their online selection. As I was browsing online I came across another off the shoulder top with bell sleeves and cute little ties. With the colour choices they have I opted for the white because it's a colour I wear often.

I really should try and branch out colour wise but I seem to be having a hard time doing so. It's like when I see something that I might like I end up looking up the same item but in either white or black maybe even blue lol.

These Black Boot Cut Jeans are awesome! I am only saying awesome because I dont really know what other word to use other than maybe amazing! I have never owned a pair of Boot Cut Jeans but I must say I am actually loving them and they fit me like a glove. The only thing that I dislike about these pants are the fact that the pockets sit a little to low for my liking.

Overall I am happy with how this look came out!

Until next time!

Off Shoulder Top - Na-kd | High Waist Boot Cut Pants - Na-kd | Oxfords - Forever 21 | Box Bag - Forever 21 | Fedora - Forever 21 | Sunnies - American Eagle 

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