Beauty Secret Tuesdays

Okay, it is time that I share some of my secrets with you lovelies and not just any beauty secrets.

I know that some of you guys have been asking me how I maintain my skin for a natural glow and what products I use. Along with hair products since I do dye my hair quite often and I do mean often. The main question that I get regarding my hair is

" How does you hair remain healthy after dying it so many times! "

Well I will be sharing ALL of my tips and tricks in maintaining healthy hair and skin!

Say hello to the new editions to my household.

I have been obsessing with everything coconut scented lately and when I saw the opportunity to get Coconut Shampoo I rushed at it. Plus the fact that the shampoo itself was $4 I def jumped on it. So, I cannot give a valid review on it yet since I haven't used it BUT I will be using it next week. I am excited.

Staying on the everything coconut scented list is this amazing Coconut Body Butter! At first glance it wasn't something that I was going to get but when I opened it to smell it. I was in LOVE! So, yes it was coming home with me. I have been using it since I bought it and next Tuesday I will be giving you guys a thorough review on it and how it affected my skin!

Leaving my coconut scented obsession. I actually enjoy taking bubble baths. Give me a glass of wine and light some candles and I could stay in there forever...until the water turns cold that is. Since I finished the last of my bubble bath maker I needed to find a new one. I always opt for lavender when taking my baths but this time I wanted to switch it up and I am glad that I did. This Almond bubble&shower gel is divine. I actually have been using it as a shower gel for the past couple of days and let me just say wow. My skin is softer ( I use the body butter right after ) but I will be reviewing the Almond bubble&shower gel after I have taken an actual bubble bath!

Just wanted to ease you lovelies into these posts! My first tip and review will be up next Tuesday so stay tuned!

Until next time!

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