Double Lace

I finally got my hands on a pair of lace up flats!


Thank you Zara gods for allowing me to bless my wardrobe with a pair! Seeing how popular they are and the fact that my own blogger babes rocking theirs; I kinda wanted to see what all the excitement about. So, whilst I was scrolling through the sale section on the Zara website and I came across these Lace Up Flats in black and in brown. I was actually eyeing the brown ones but considering all the black shoes I actually own right now. But then with the recent purchase of a certain pair of Gladiators that I got talked into purchasing ( see that look here ) and with the help of my blogger babes...I ended up settling for the Black Lace Up Flats. 

Let me give you an honest review about these shoes...

I ordered them online and got them sent to the store. Not bad considering free shipping right? Wrong, they don't mention that you cannot track your order so if you have the patience to wait it out then by all means do that. Cause I really didn't. Okay, so now onto unboxing. I actually loved the packaging that my shoes came in. I know how crazy it gets during the sale season and I see how the shoes in the store are tossed, scuffed and dented plus I wanted to be the only person sticking their foot in my soon to be new shoes. 

Also they came in this suede protecting bag which will come in handy when or if I decide to travel soon. 

Now here is where it got a little upsetting. One of the lacing on one of my flats came broken. Ugh eff my life right?! Just wait it gets better...the receipt was accidentally tossed so I couldn't exchange them at the store. Just great. I ended up stitching it back together myself ( thank goodness it was suede ) but I was still afraid to wear them because I didn't want it snapping with all the walking that I do.

Yes, I am still catching pokemon lol! 



Top: F21 | Blazer: F21 | Denim: F21 | Flats: Zara | Bag: F21 | Fedora: F21 | Sunnies: AE 

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