I have been finally getting around to updating my wardrobe. 


All that basically means is that items I normally wouldn't think twice about getting or better yet wearing are making there way into y wardrobe. Which I must admit is what Fashion is all about is it not? 

I love affordable fashion just like any other blogger but I have been finding myself in Zara more frequently than I would like to admit. Walked into Zara with le boyfriend for some cologne for him and it was love at first sight when I came across the special item in this bag! Don't worry you lovelies will see what is in this bag in my next ' personal style ' blog post!

Okay, I am definitely going off topic here. Where was I? Oh yeah Zara sale and why I am becoming Zara obsessed. LOL. Well for one since some Zara locations still have selected sale items...which are marked down even more because they are trying to make room for the new items.  Perfect time to go to your nearest Zara store and find some key pieces. Like this dress. Which can be detached and be worn separately. Let me say something about this dress. You guys know for one that I do not wear dresses but for some odd reason I really liked this dress. Call me crazy. 

Paired with my ' Blue Oxfords ' which are also from Zara ( I got these last year ) and my very first Fedora that I ever owned. I guess you can say that on this particular day I was feeling quite blue. Pun intended. 

Even if it's not on sale I think Zara is slowly replacing my love for Forever 21. I was normally always wearing things from Forever 21 but now as I am getting older I feel myself going for more of a staple quality wardrobe rather than a crap I wore it twice and it's already messed up look. Does that make sense? Don't get me wrong I still enjoy shopping in Forever 21 but I haven't been having as much luck there like I have been with Zara. I think I need to really start investing into my wardrobe on pieces that I know will last forever! I mean quality wise as well. 



Dress: Zara | Oxfords: Zara | Fedora: F21 | Bag: F21 | Sunnies: AE

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