Khaki & White

Or Olive but seeing as though I already wrote an Olive & White blog post, I figured I would switch it up. 


I have been visiting my NEW all time favourite Starbucks everyday this week and I could not be happier. The Starbucks location itself is not new but never really go to that location so I thought I would give it a try. My all time fav barista has such an amazing personality I find myself constantly in there just for the pleasure of chatting with him.

It also makes it so easy to sit down and write anything and everything that comes to mind. I feel super inspired and outfit ideas pop into my head much faster than I can write them down.

Side note: I think I must be the only blogger out there that does not like matcha!  I see it everywhere on my instagram feed and my barista decided to make one for me and oh my goodness I hated it. 

I am quite impressed that I am already planning looks and new content for August! Blogging is something that I really love doing. 

Okay, enough banter talk. So, you lovelies saw this tunic in my Zara Annual Wishlist post right? Well this tunic was actually the first item that I purchased during the sale. I wanted both the khaki ( olive ) and the mustard coloured runic. Which did not work out. I was sad because the mustard coloured one did not have my size. Don't you lovelies just hate when that happens?

Since the heat is getting on my bloody nerves. Thank goodness for this tunic. It turned this dreadful day into a really good one. Pairing this tunic with my fav off white skinny and matching denim jacket. Why a jacket if the weather is scorching? Because even though outside is boiling inside is colder than Elsa's castle in Frozen. 



Tunic: Zara | Jeans: F21 | Jacket: H&M | Bag: Yesstyle | Sandals: Bakers | Sunnies: F21

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