DC Incubator Fashion Show Recap

This is actually the second time that I have volunteered to work the DC Incubator Fashion Show and let me tell you it was awesome.


I can honestly say that Washington DC is marking its place on the map when it comes to Fashion. Granted it might not be as big as New York, Paris or even Seoul fashion but we are here to stay. Living in the DMV for 11 years now I was so closed off by what DC really had to offer fashion wise. Once I got older and I started blogging that was when I discovered the DC Fashion Incubator and not to mention that there was DC Fashion and Swim Week here in my own back yard. Not to mention the amount of Fashion Bloggers I have met and befriended since I started my own fashion journey.

So, here is my full recap. The good, the bad and the exciting!

Call time was actually 10 am. I was up and awake by 8:30 am. Did my morning routine made sure I had everything I needed aka another outfit. We were instructed to wear all black since we were apart of the staff. Hopped on the metro and grabbed some breakfast at the local Starbucks just something light to carry me over until the food came. One thing I loved about it is that they feed you. Win win!

10 am rolled around and that's when we went to work. Re-arranging the rooms, adding clothing racks, clothing, shoes and over 50 models! It's a good thing that we had the entire space to ourselves so everyone could fit. Which is something that we didn't have last in February.

The show went pretty well. You know there will always be ups and downs about working Fashion Shows. The pros are meeting amazing people, networking with brands and building relationships. The cons are bad attitudes, lots of running around and BAD ATTITUDES! I know I said that already but let me tell you...it happens.

Overall I am looking forward for another one and I am sorry that this post came really late. I actually have been slacking when it came to my blog posts but I am getting back into it.

Later Babes!

dc incubator recap

dc incubator

dc incubator recap

dc incubator recap

dc incubator recap

DC Incubator Fashion Show

dc incubator recap

dc incubator recap

dc incubator recap

dc incubator recap


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