New York City Recap

Manhattan, NY 10036, USA

I wanted to share something personal on the blog with you guys. So, I'm sure of you noticed that I didn't post a blog post on Monday like I usually do. Well that is because I spent the day in New York City! How exciting!! If any of you follow me on Snapchat then you have seen some behind the scenes adventures.

Now, I am home and all caught up with sleep and I also had to run some errands. So, now I finally have some down time to write this out for you lovelies!

Many of you do not know that I have been in a relationship for about 4 years now with the man behind Lelondonchic and on Monday we had the opportunity to celebrate our crazy 4 years together.

We honestly went with the idea of winging it which I always think is a bad idea. Trust me my feet paid the ultimate price! We had such an adventurous day and I got to do things I have never done before!

We took a 5am bus to NYC which would have put us in the city around 9am...we didn't get there until after 10! Normally I wouldn't have a problem except I was meeting my friend Ingrid from Inthegrids. It sucked that we couldn't hangout more but we are already making plans for my next visit!

Ingrid, le boyfriend and I ended up on the subway and it was my first time ever taking the subway in NYC! It is a lot harder than DC I will tell you that for  sure. After Ingrid left le boyfriend and I found ourseves in Koreatown! Another place that I always wanted to visit checked off my list.

We ate at this Korean Restaurant called 더큰집 ( Kunjip ) and we ordered Raboki! Which was the best thing in the world and it was such a good portion we couldn't finish it! When we go back again next month we are eating here again!

After our food adventure we walked around for a bit and did some shopping. Do you guys have any idea how massive the H&M and Forever 21's are there?!? Almost 4 floors!! If not 4 floors! Crazy!

I did hate the fact that the Starbucks bathrooms there were so gross I almost threw up. So different from DC!

We walked to Times Square, took so many photos, ate ice-cream and just really enjoyed each-others company that day. I would do it all again.

To this day I am still immensely happy in my relationship even when he pisses me off but no relationship is perfect.

Later Babes!

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