Off The Shoulder Madness

Here I am in another ' OTS ' ( off the shoulder ) top and loving every minute of it. 

One thing I can definitely say is that Summer screams Off The Shoulder Tops and Wide Brimmed Fedora's. With the sun on full display and the clouds playing hide n seek; Fedoras are a must in my book. 

This outfit didn't actually need a Fedora accessorized with but Sunnies ( sunglasses ) alone wasn't going to cut it on this particular sunny day. The week was actually amazing but then all of a sudden it went back to being humid and gross. I didn't want to venture outside and I sure didn't want to get dressed. I am counting down the days to the first day Fall which is in 12 days! 

So, many of you know I am a tomboy and that I would rather wear jeans than a skirt, sneakers than heels, and a tee over a dress any day. There are days where I do feel like looking somewhat like a girl and I guess this day was one of those days. I always check the weather before styling outfits and this day called for an off the shoulder piece. 

I got this lovely top from Shein and couldn't wait to style it. I even revamped one of my clothing racks so it only had new items that I knew I had to style on there. It made coming up with outfits alot easier as well. The only difficult thing about styling this outfit was what pants I wanted to style it with. Boyfriend Shorts? A Skirt? Who knows. In the end I opted for a pair of off white pants I got from Forever 21 before they turned into the Floral nightmare. 

Although these sandals are so cute and they will literally go with everything. I think I have outgrown them. I have had them for awhile but I think I have only worn them a handful of times. I made the ERROR of wearing them and I am not sure why but my feet were killing me and THEY ARE SANDALS! So, I have the decision to actually sell them on my storenvy. It is time they go to a new home. 

Overall I had a good day and even picked up some new goodies from Zara! My friend BB said that when she goes into Zara she immediately thinks of me. She knows me so well! Soon I will only be shopping at Zara. Sigh. Wishful thinking!

Later Babes!



Top: Shein | Pants: F21 | Sandals: Bakers | Fedora: F21 | Bag: Accessorize |

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