Western Vibez

Finally got my non manicured hands on a Western Belt


I have been really obsessing hard over Lace-Up Tops and I personally think that they are going to be my demise! Along with Lace-Up Bodysuits but that is a whole other topic. 

I got this particular Lace-Up Top from H&M and I think it is safe to say that I have been in love with this top since I got it. Can you overuse a word? I feel like I say love a lot...

Just kidding I know you can!

You know when you love a certain item you get it in other colours? That's how I feel about this particular top. I think I have to invest in all of the colours. I already have this black and white striped one and the white one. Dare I say that I actually want the blush pink one as well along with the plain black. I no longer hate pink...but I could cannot do like bright ass pink. I shall be sticking to blush only.

Okay, enough about this top and how amazing it is. Let me talk about these jeans which are also from H&M. I didn't really get into a review about them though and seeing though I kinda wore them back to back. I thought I should give you guys some indication of how pretty good there are.

The reason why I said pretty good is because of the stretch. I love H&M and the quality of their clothing BUT I hate how small the sizes run! Makes me feel bigger than I actually am which isn't cool. I think they they need to be more considerate to women who have curves.

Adding the Western Belt was the icing on the cake I guess you can say. I got this beaut from Yoins.com and I was a little surprised by the quality of the belt. I thought after  rigorous day being worn it was going to snap but the belt held its own. 

Kudos belt kudos. 

I felt like my outfit wasn't complete without my signature item aka my Fedora. This one was the perfect accessory to this look. I cannot wait to pair these 2 together again. 

OH, before I forget I am selling a lot of my used and brand new items on my storenvy shop! Everything is $25 and below! You guys can check that out here!

Later Babes!

* Side note: I am giving up my love for Forever 21 when it comes to clothing. I went in there the other day and was surrounded by nothing but Floral prints and Boho inspired clothing. How depressing! *



Top: H&M | Jeans: H&M | Sandals: H&M | Fedora: F21 | Bag: F21

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