Damn Jia Back At It Again With Another Black N White Look

 Black n White are literally my go to colour combination whenever I do not know what to wear! 

Before getting into my post I wanted to say that I ended up switching back from self-hosting to free and I do not regret my decision at all. I felt like I was being taken advantage of from my hosting site and all they wanted from me was money. LOL.

I am a big fan of window shopping. It's a way for me to find inspiration without actually spending any money. I mentally always try to find a cheaper version for you lovelies ( so you guys do not have to break the bank ) and that is exactly what I did! I saw this top in Zara and I fell in love but I didn't want to dish out the money for it so I actually found the same exact top on Shein

Whenever I order from Shein, I normally would order accessories ( a few tops here and there ) but I saw this top and thought hmm should I try it? I always tend to size up whenever ordering from Shein. Their clothing tend to run a little small. Although the quality is starting to get a lot better! I got this top in a size Large and kinda wished I ordered a XL instead! It was a little tight in     the bust area which came as a shock to me. 

Still love this top and the sleeves are just as awesome as the rest of the top! 

Long sleeves are definitely in right now and you know I had to jump on that bandwagon! Only because it is perfect for layering! It also makes any outfit chic! 

Okay, we are going to stop talking about this top for a bit and start talking about another trend that has been really taking over! 


This trend has made a massive comeback! I thought it was back before and I was able to snag this awesome Velvet Fedora from Forever 21 on sale! How lucky am I?! I have been wearing this beauty on and off since I got it and now that velvet is back around in full swing I could wear it even more now! Whenever I wear this Fedora I always pair it with my Velvet Booties! Velvet overload much!?  

Later Babes!


Top: c/o Shein | Denim: Gap | Booties: Missguided | Fedora: F21 | Backpack: F21 | Jacket: F21 |

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