My Week In Some Words 30

News: After out recent trip to New York City ( you can read the post here ) I have been planning out some awesome Fall Inspired content for you guys. It has been freezing here and I cannot tell you how excited I am to FINALLY be wearing layers!

Also I cannot believe that we are already in October! This year is definitely going by rather quickly and before you know it Lelondonchic will be turning 2!

Plans: I am one to not really celebrate Halloween but my Best-friend is throwing a party and costumes are a must. Now comes the hard part. Couple costumes? Who knows.

Shopping: Currently in the works of showing you guys all the new things that I got but it is taking longer than I thought it was going too. Why do I have to be addicted to shopping?

Watched: I am now on season 5 of ' Friends ' I forgot how funny this show was! I think I am going to stop binge watching and start watching ' Luke Cage '. Everyone has been telling me so many good things about it that I need to check it out.

Song of the Week:

Holup by Bobby

Video of the Week:

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