Pink Leather


Rolling into Fall with this bad-ass ( can I say that ) Blush Pink Leather Jacket.


I cannot believe that another ' Blush Pink ' item is gracing my wardrobe but alas here I am showcasing it. This Leather Jacket is one of the " new items " that I recently got. I keep telling myself that I have to do another ' Whats New In My Wardrobe ' post but I am lazy and I really do not want too but I will get back into it.

I am super happy that it is officially Fall! Many of you guys know that Fall is my all time favorite season! Not to hot and not to cold. Just perfect weather all around! Okay, I sounded like Goldie Locks and the Three Bears just now. Weird.

Whenever Fall comes around I try and follow one main color trend and incorporate them into my everyday Fall inspired looks. This year the main Fall inspired color is...yup you guys guessed it " blush pink". Honestly blush pink is the only shade of ' pink ' that I can wear. I just recently got over my hatred for pink but I am not necessarily sayings it is a color that I can wear everyday now. I have my limits.

I paired this Pink Leather Jacket with the same ' Black n White ' Off the Shoulder top that I wore when I attended New York Fashion Week ( no shame ). I got this top with the intention of wearing it numerous times and since I didn't really get to take outfit photos whilst I was there, I decided to style it again. The skirt will still take a while before I wear that again. I still have to take it to a tailor to be fixed. I am not in a rush to fix it honestly. I might just fix it myself.


Okay, now Zara is my new found love BUT their shoes will be the death of me. NO, I do not mean because I love shoes I mean breaking them in! When I saw them online I fell in love and immediately sized up because I know how Zara shoes run. Then when I got them it took awhile to actually get my feet into them! What the actual hell! I was wishing that there was a zipper to get in and out of them because that would have been A LOT easier in my opinion. Then came the torture of actually breaking them in! My feet were killing me but I did everything in them that day including running. In the end I think it was worth it ( I was wishing they were off my feet by 8pm ).

Be on the lookout because these beauties will be on rotation this Fall!



    Jacket: F21 | Top: Zara | Jeans: ASOS | Fedora: F21 | Booties: Zara | Satchel: F21 |



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