Top 5 Online Stores

This also applies to physical stores that I can walk into as well.


As you know I am a sucker for shopping ( who isn't ) but when I think about it I do not shop that often. Whenever I am shopping online I find myself adding a whole bunch of shit to my basket and not even checking out. I close out the tab after seeing the damage then forget that I actually put stuff in there until I get an email saying " did you forget something? ". Most of the time I end up limiting the number of items and getting something but other times I just let it expire and start all over. Story of my life.

Whenever I am walking down the street, I am often asked where I get a certain item and I always respond. I do not believe in keeping fashion secrets to myself. I honestly do not see the point. So, yes if you like my shoes I will say I got them from Forever 21 or Zara etc.

So, this post is going to be about my top 5 all time favorite ' online ' stores!


Many of you lovelies know that Forever 21 has been my weakness. They have crazy sales like buy one get one 50% and my favorite buy one get one free. I am a sucker whenever I see their buy one get one free! FREE!


As Forever 21 is slowly being pushed to the back I find myself hunting down basic minimal items in H&M! Lately whenever I got into Forever 21 I feel really overwhelmed with the dosage of color and floral patterns on literally everything! Where as I know I will be in my comfort zone in H&M. Their button ups, trousers and blazers really speak my language.


Zara oh Zara! I don't even know where to begin! Personally I never shopped at Zara but then I read a blog post about their amazing life altering sales and I thought to myself okay let me go check it out. I paid the ultimate price. Ever since I have been frequently finding myself at Zara and loving everything in there! As I mentioned before I am a sucker for sales and they weren't kidding when they said Zara has some life altering sales! Zara is slowly becoming my number 1 shopping spot. Move over Forever 21!


 I have grown quite fond of boohoo as the time passed. They have an amazing selection of outerwear for Fall that I go crazy for! I also really love their Blazers! I can honestly say I do not shop on there as much as I used too ( which sucks ). Maybe I will make another boohoo wishlist soon!


When I want to be fashionable without really breaking the bank I turn to Shein! Sometimes the quality is hit and miss but lately everything I got from them have been awesome! Granted they are a chinese wholesale website but they do have a office in New Jersey now which I think is more convenient for their US buyers!

Well there you have it lovelies! My top 5 online shops! Do not worry I will be sharing more insight about blogging and buying with you soon!

Later Babes!

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