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Remember when I said that I was dipping my hand into a few projects? Surprise this is one of them! I am excited to announce that I will be co-hosting this fun filled event with Miss DC United States Porscha Taylor! How incredible is that!? Hold on let me go calm myself before continuing lol. Well first let me say sorry fellas it is " Ladies Only " which is another reason I was so eager to attend. Being in a room filled with strong, independent and powerful women who has shaped themselves into the entrepreneurs and bad-asses that they are. I needed to get myself into a room with them and pick their brains.   

So, this post is dedicated to the strong women that will be featured on this awesome night. I will get right into introducing them and sharing something small about their business. 

First up we have

Nerea of Aeren Waters!

She is a Mother, Scientist and an Optimist and the owner and creator of Aeren Waters which is a accessories line that you guys can check out here. She has enjoyed Fashion Design since she was a child always creating things that were unique to the standard eye. Nerea picked up sewing a few years ago and saw it as an creative outlet. Which with thrifted pieces she created fresh whole new looks that made everyone stop and stare. Who wouldn't love to imagine something unique and new? Nerea gives you that uniqueness you are looking for without breaking the bank! 

Be sure to get some behind the scene action with Nerea at the Wonderland!

PS: I actually had the pleasure of meeting Nerea at another event and she is lovely!

Next is 

Janell Henderson of The Working Beauty!

The Working Beauty is a Wardrobe and Image Consulting Company that make style convenient and affordable! Uh, yes please! Janell offers smaller prices than the average Fashion Stylist because she honestly thrifts everything she wears! How freaking awesome is that? I can definitely say that whenever I go thrifting I never find such amazing pieces! I need Janell in my corner. She has been a Fashion Stylist for a little over a year and she teaches her clients to think outside of the box when it comes to clothing. 

" Style communicates who you are without ever opening your mouth. " 

PS: The world is seriously OH so small! I actually went to NYFW and met Janell there at a Networking Event! How insane now that I am writing this introduction piece on her! 

If you want to check out Janell's website then click here

After Janell is non other than 

Lynette L. Voss of Vintage & Charmed 

Lynette will be teaming up with Jewelry Designer Adriana Mendoza ( I will be introducing her next ). Lynette is the Owner , CEO , Lead Stylist , and the Curator of Vintage & Charmed located inside of The Anacostia Arts Center. Her shop is filled with fabulous vintage & designer one of a kind pieces. She shops vintage shops , flea markets , warehouse sales , estate sales you name it. When Lynette was younger she noticed her love for older clothing that her Mum used to take her too. Believe it or not Lynette has been a business owner for about 6 years now! How incredible right! 

If you are interested in seeing Lynette's website then click here

Of course you know who is next ( gave you guys a hint above ) it is the talented 

Adriana Mendoza of So Me Designs 

Adriana is an all around badass with a background in Biochemistry ( insert big eyed emoji here ) and she used to work for the National History Museum and now she works as a Landscape Architect. Uhm yes please! If you guys didn't know I history was my favourite subject in highschool so I am definitely a fan. Adriana has always loved making jewelry since the tender end of 6! 

Inspired by the many places I have traveled, I incorporate different techniques and materials into every unique piece that I design and handcraft. I enjoy working with metals, beads, polymer clay, wood, found objects, fabric, leather, glass...the possibilities are endless. Works of art come together at my workbench as elements find each other through proximity, association, and chance. 

Jewelry has the power to create moods, provoke opinions, and produce reactions. My ultimate goal is to evoke beauty, strength and imagination through the use of striking color and innovative design in each piece. Jewelry, like clothing, is an expression of individuality; my pieces are meant to enhance your own personal style. If picking up a piece of my jewelry has you saying 'this is so me', then I have accomplished my goal. "

Beautiful words from a beautiful soul. 

You can check out Adriana's website here

Last but not least we have

Nikki MG of TigerSwan Timeless Boutique 

TigerSwan is a boutique that offers style therapy sessions for women! You have choices from affordable vintage and modern clothing plus accessories. 

The mission of TigerSwan Timeless is to positively nourish the minds, bodies, and souls of women through the exploration of personal style.

Nikki started TigerSwan Timeless Boutique in March of this year after dipping her hand in a few other prospects. She wanted to make an impact for women who were working hard at their jobs , raising families and changing their communities. 

Ultimately,  I created TigerSwan because women deserve and need safe spaces to heal - to unwind and express themselves, experience joy, be nourished and taken care of, and experiment with their own sense of style on a self-determined budget without guilt.

As owner and stylist, Nikki has created this space for women in a number of ways including:
- 1-on-1 style therapy consultation sessions
- Wardrobe assessment and rebuilding
- Fantastical styling with photo sessions
- Brunch! Boutique! Bazaar! open house and pop-up shopping events
- TigerSwanPresents: Listening Parties
- And so much more!

Nikki currently doesn't have a website but it will be by next year and I cannot bear my excitement! 

I am super excited for this event and you know I will doing a recap just for you lovelies! 

Stay tuned!!

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