How Blogging Improved My Life & Wardrobe

This post is 2 years in the making. 

I can definitely say that blogging has changed my life and for the better and I could also say that my wardrobe and personal style has changed dramatically as well. 

How so? 

Well I have always loved Fashion that much is a given but when I was in high-school I was so focused on being a Fashion Designer but when my Fashion Design Instructor ( she was racist ) I needed another creative outlet. This is when I decided to dip my toes into Marketing and from there I knew what I wanted to do. Fast forward and I did Business Management because that is what my Mum wanted me to do and I hated it. I wanted to express myself but I felt like I had to conform to how she wanted me to be. NORMAL. I wasn't normal and I will never be. 

I decided to tell her that Business wasn't for me and decided to attend Art School. There I was surrounded by individuals who shared the same passion and goals as me and it was exciting and quite liberating. That is when I decided to start blogging. At first it was supposed to be with a friend but she bailed at the last minute when I first created ' Lelondonchic '. Then I tried with another friend and in the end decided that it would be better if I blogged alone. After failed attempts ( hacking ) and taking photos on my phone at the time, I thought it will get better if I work harder. I am glad to this day that I didn't quit. 

Blogging is like a job.

 If you want to think of it like that. When I first started I just wanted to share my outfits with everyone. I wasn't using Instagram that often ( I posted every 2 weeks ) or any other social media outlets. Which I should have been but that is just how much I didn't know actually went into blogging. I didn't have a niche. I literally just blogged whatever. I didn't know my audience. Which goes back to the failed attempts and why I thought about quitting. I also was just throwing outfits together. Why was I styling it? Who would wear something like this? When I look back to all the old clothing I owned ( now officially donated after a massive wardrobe purge ) I could see why I wanted to just throw in the towel.

Fast forward to where I am now and let me just say. Research and knowing your niche and your audience helps immensely. I feel like I have found my calling. I cut out the negative people in my life and replaced it with people who hustle in the same field as I do. That's another reason why I didn't quit blogging. The blogging community. They welcomed me with such open arms it was crazy and to think now I am the one with open arms welcoming new Fashion Bloggers even Food Bloggers to the world.

Let me not get started on my wardrobe. Like I mentioned above I did a massive wardrobe purge and now I mainly stick to a neutrals. My wardrobe before was so colorful it was overwhelming when it came to styling whereas now it is so easy because I have found my niche. Minimalism. I feel like since I am getting older ( I am 24 lol ) I am also maturing so I want more of a steady color palette as well. Since I changed up the way I dress I get more women ( & men ) stopping me and asking me where something I am wearing is from. Which I am always happy to share. This is why I started blogging.

Blogging has definitely opened so many doors for me since I started and I wouldn't be where I am now or have met the amazing people I have met along the way. Look out for all the crazy and fun things I have in store for ' Lelondonchic '! Trust me when I say it is going to be epic!

Thank you for sticking with me throughout this entire journey! I appreciate you guys more than you know!

Later Babes!

Slip Dress: Boohoo | Button Up: Thrift Store | BF Jeans: F21 | Fedora: F21 | Brogues: H&M | Bag: F21 | Sunnies: AE

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