How I Stay Motivated

When it comes to blogging I sometimes have a hard time staying focus. You are constantly racking your brain to come up with amazing content, staring at computers and Iphones all day. It gets a little overwhelming especially if you are working solely from home. 

I currently am not blogging full time but juggling 2 jobs ( only for now ) and then coming up with content can get a little hard for me. After work my brain is fried and I really don't feel like doing any work or even posting on Instagram. I think it is funny how alot of people think bloggers live this " lavish " lifestyle when in reality there is alot of research, writing and creating content. Also do you guys know about the endless hours we've put in for our blogs. 

So, you want to know how I stay inspired/motivated when my life behind the camera is super hectic? 

1. I Break down my time.

 I try working for a full on hour then try to take a 15-30 minute break, clear my mind then start working again. Trust me when I say you do NOT want to burn yourself out. 

2. I do alot of Research.

This gives me time to research what is trending, what interests me to blog about and getting some inspiration from other bloggers. 

3. Meeting other local Bloggers.

This is a biggie. The blogging community is growing and expanding and I find myself meeting more and more blogger babes with different creative insight. You can use that opportunity to pick their brains and share ideas. Maybe even do a blog collaboration. Endless possibilities. 

4. Events.

This one is another inspiration fest. When I went to NYFW there was inspiration everywhere and I tried to capture all of it! Street style look etc. Trust me when I say in the end they will inspire you. 

5. Go for a walk.

Taking walks up the street to the beauty store for new hair color or even walking to the nearest 7-11 counts as ways to get fresh air. Sometimes sitting on my balcony helps as well. Fresh air = fresh mind. 

6. Play Music.

As a music lover. I cannot do work without playing some sort of music in the background. I cannot work without some sort of noise. Whether it is music or Netflix. 

7. I Mix & Match my style. 

Fashion is constantly changing and I find myself changing with it. I am not the same blogger I am when I first started. Even to this day my style is still changing. Although I will forever love Fedoras. 

8. Don't be afraid to try new styles.

This is big. Whether you have found your niche or not this comes in handy. I was so afraid of branching out and trying new styles that I was burning myself out coming up with ideas when I first started blogging BUT now that I have gotten a hang of it I am embracing new styles like second nature. I mean have you SEEN my forever changing hair!?

9. I always visualise the outcome. 

What do you want the outcome to look like? Where do you want your photos? How do you want them placed? Picturing all of this helps in the end when your task is done.

Palazzo Pants: F21 | Button Up: H&M | Beanie: F21 | Coat: F21 | Necklace: Boohoo | Bag: Payless | Sneakers: Pumas

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