Introducing New Member of the Lelondonchic Team | BB

Hello everyone! I cannot tell you how ecstatic I feel about
joining Jia on her fashion blog. I’ve known Jia for a little over two years now
and admittedly I was a little nervous when she asked me to become a part of all of this. But
naturally with a little encouragement from her I decided to enter the world of
blogging (once again).

My name is Bernice, but I'm commonly called by my nickname BB by Jia and many others. I’m currently studying as a Marketing Major with a minor in Korean language. I also currently work as a retail sales

I’ve been in love with fashion for as long as I can remember,
but my passion didn’t fully develop until my second year of high school. I had
taken a fashion marketing class and that’s when I knew that I wanted to purse
something in the world of fashion.

Fashion is not only my creative outlet but it is my sense of confidence. The word fashion has been connected to my name for so long that I wouldn't be me without my fashion sense. Everyone has a style unique to their own and my style is
very much different from Jia. I find that my style ranges from bohemian chic to an urban sporty

I’m excited to divulge in this journey with you all and give you a different perspective of the fashion world.
look forward to making more posts in the future.

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