Sporty Vibes

There are days that even I want a break from Jeans. Whenever that happens I find myself leaning more towards sporty looks as apposed to attempting to wear leggings as pants. I will honestly say that is one trend I will NOT be hopping on. I find that styling a perfectly amazing pair of joggers does the trick. These aren't the kind of joggers you will see in Forever 21 but actually ones you can wear to the office ( If you are feeling bold enough ). 

These particular Joggers I found hidden on a random visit to H&M. They were on sale and at first they didn't peak my interest because of the long bright red stripe that runs along the side. Which if you think about it kinda turns them into Tuxedo Joggers lol. Weird but true. 

Whenever I am rocking the " Sporty Look " I tend to go all natural as well. NO makeup whatsoever. I don't see the point honestly. 

Who knows maybe these Joggers will be making another appearance on the blog soon!

Joggers: H&M | Top: H&M | Jacket: Thrifted | Beanie: H&M | Shoes: Pumas | Bag: Payless 

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